Meeting with business partners and potential clients for business shouldn’t be all about business. You’ll want to cater your environment to the person you’re meeting with. So whether your meeting is with a low-key introvert or a highly expressive extrovert, we’ll find you the perfect Montreal hot spots to take out your business partners.

Top 5 Montreal Hot Spots To Take Your Partners Out

Crew Collective

Crew Collective is relatively new on the Montreal coffee scene, opening up in a bank in the 1920s. The jaw-dropping style and aesthetic charm are only half the attraction to this spot, as Crew also doubles as a collective working space and will make a young professional feel right at home. If you need a quiet, laid-back atmosphere that isn’t offered at a Starbucks, Crew is your go-to. 

Big in Japan

Big In Japan is an experience even before you walk through its unmarked red door on Montreal’s St-Laurent boulevard. Once you navigate your way inside, you’re greeted with a minimalistic lounge atmosphere that’s great for some one-on-one with partners and clients alike. Exploring Big In Japan’s out-of-the-ordinary Asian alcohols will make the meeting memorable. 

La Queue de Cheval

La Queue de Cheval is the priciest option on this list, and for good reason. Heralded as one of Montreal’s premier steakhouses, it’s garnered a reputation as the spot to bring high-profile business clients. If you can get a meal expensed at Queue de Cheval, expense, your business partner will love you for it. 


Wunderbar at The W Hotel becomes ideal when your day extends into the evening and a business meeting is still on the agenda. Its elegant blend of sci-fi and new-age design sets a sophisticated tone. Wunderbar specifically caters to a mature crowd, distinguishing itself from the lively scenes of many popular lounge bars in Montreal.

A Canadiens Game 

In Montreal, do as Montrealers do, and Montrealers do hockey. Being in the presence of over 24,000 fans in Montreal’s Bell Center is an electric experience; your partner will never forget whether they’re hockey fans. Intermissions allow you to get down to brass tacks in an environment that will make you feel invigorated. A bit of adrenaline never hurt anyone.

Top 5 Montreal Hot Spots To Take Your Partners Out
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