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Top 5 Activities for Team Building in Vancouver

Everyone, including Corporate Stays, knows just how beneficial team building exercises can be in any business. Whether you lead a large corporation or a small company, getting your staff together at any opportunity can be rewarding for both of you. If the time has come to plan new and fun social activities to increase the bonds between your employees, consider team building in Vancouver. There are plenty of options that are bound to appeal to all.

1. Team Building in Vancouver: Sewell’s Marina Corporate Adventures

Rewarding your team is a significant part of keeping them engaged and motivated, so you need to be at the top of your game with options for rewards. Have you considered treating them to one of the many corporate adventures available at Sewell’s Marina?

No better place than Vancouver to enjoy aquatic experiences as team building activities! Sewell’s Marina offers self-driving packages of boats to experience life on the water. You can enjoy a Marine Discovery Tour, a Sea Quest Scavenger Hunt, or custom-made packages to suit. Sewell’s Marina is located at 6409 Bay Street, West Vancouver, within half an hour’s driving distance of many Corporate Stays Vancouver accommodations.

2. Team Building in Vancouver: Vancouver Mysteries

In downtown Vancouver, you have access to Vancouver Mysteries, consisting of challenge courses and team building activities. You can choose from three activities: Crime in Downtown, Secret Mission, or Heroes & Villains. All of these activities will challenge your workers to the limit, making them work together to call the mission a success.

At Vancouver Mysteries, you also get two hours of fun, a certificate of achievement, and custom start locations. The best part is, Vancouver Mysteries are only mere minutes from high-quality accommodation in the heart of Vancouver.

3. Team Building in Vancouver: Smash Therapy

If you are looking for team building in Vancouver that’s a little bit different, Smash Therapy is sure to be an excellent choice. Let your team work out their differences by smashing things into smithereens, bouncing into each other in a game of bubble soccer, and working together in custom group sessions. Smash Therapy is a fun and exciting way for your team to get to know each other while having fun and to de-stress at the same time.

4. Team Building in Vancouver: Just Potters

You may not think that pottery can strengthen your team’s bond, but you will be surprised at what your working environment feels like once taking part in this team building activity in Vancouver. Just Potters can help your workers to increase their confidence and creativity, lower their stress, and build stronger relationships. Here, they can also make cups, platters, build with coils, and work with clay. The sky’s the limit for how Just Potters at 1803 East 1st Avenue in Vancouver can be of benefit.

5. Team Building in Vancouver: Team Academy

As the name suggests, Team Academy is all about teams and helping them to succeed within an academy environment. If you are looking for any activity for team building in Vancouver, you will find this can be a good choice. They can create, design, and plan all types of activities to suit your workers. They also understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to team building activities because every workplace is different. Try out escape games, philanthropic activities, and games that test your cognitive and creative abilities. Team Academy is also a short nine-minute drive from the Telus Garden Building on Richards Street.

Are you looking for team building in Vancouver? You will be surprised at what’s on offer. Whether you’re looking for adventure, challenges, or fun games to bring everyone together, you are not short of options in Vancouver.


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