Québec is one of the most pleasant and beautiful cities in Canada. It offers a unique architectural landscape of a stunning combination of old French architecture with modern skyscrapers. It’s a city for business and traveling, therefore; you’ll find a wide variety of furnished apartments to make the most comfortable stay.

Specially for travelers interested in history, architecture, and nature, Quebec city is an amazing destination. You’ll find a variety of attractions throughout the year, near to the best restaurants in the city and with enjoyable weather.

Here’s a great Quebec travel guide with the things you should know about the city.

The best time to visit Quebec

Any time of the year is a good time, the city is beautiful no matter which season you plan to attend. We’re pretty sure you’ll always find things to do and see in Quebec City. In the summer, the temperatures can rise to 35ºC to 40ºC when humidity spikes; this generally happens around June and July. This season is very characteristic for its festivals and events.

In the fall, the average temperatures can vary from 2ºC to 18ºC. If you decide to visit Quebec at this time, be sure to plan for cool days and even cooler nights. Winter is the longest season with average temperatures of -25ºC to 8ºC; if you stay in Quebec when the snow falls, be prepared to enjoy a magical white wonderland.

When spring comes, the weather is perfect to experience a quieter side of the city, because the average temperatures vary from -1ºC to 17ºC, this is the perfect time to enjoy the most popular Québécois experience that you can not miss: the sugar shacks.

Any time of the year is a good time to visit Quebec
Any time of the year is a good time to visit Quebec

Transportation in Quebec

You have different ways to get around Quebec and its surrounding area, but if you want to get the most out of your visit to Quebec, the best way to do it’s by foot. However, you can use other options, for instance:

  • Public transportation such as: shuttles and tour buses that take you to visit the main attractions.
  • You will find some companies offering rental car services such as: Avis, Budget, Discount, Car Enterprise, or Hertz.
  • The local bus network offers RTC Buses. They are available 1-day, unlimited weekends, and 5 consecutive day passes.
  • You can also take a taxi or uber. Several companies offer that service.
  • To transport to and from the airport (located at 15 km from Québec City’s downtown area), you should take Route 76 or Route 80.
  • Or, try getting around by cycling. The city has close to 400 km of bicycle pathways and bikeways.

Things you must do in Quebec

Every month in Quebec brings its own special activities and stunning sights. But we list the top attractions you must try in your free time during your business trip.

Stroll Old Quebec

Quebec has a rich offer of culture and history
Quebec has a rich offer of culture and history

Old Quebec is North America’s oldest streets and fortified walls, for all its 400 years of history. It’s considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. You should visit it no matter the season because it’s magical in the winter and popping in the summer.

Additionally, you can not miss: Château Frontenac, Dufferin Terrace, the fortifications and gates, Petit-Champlain, Place Royale, The Plains of Abraham, The Citadelle, and the Basilica Cathedral Notre-Dame de Québec., they are wonderful places.

Explore Jacques-Cartier National Park

If you love surrounding landscapes, nature, wildlife, and glacial valleys, you cannot miss visiting the Jacques-Cartier National Park. Where you’ll find many hiking trails and natural habitats of many distinctive animals such as: beavers, deer, and moose.

You can have an awesome experience in Jacques Cartier National Park
You can have an awesome experience in Jacques Cartier National Park

You can also spend the evening discovering the beauty of the region strolling over 100 km of trails, then pitch a tent for the night or stay at one small wood cabin, and finish with morning running along the river valley aboard a canoe or kayak.

Attend the famous Carnival du Quebec

It’s the most important event in the city, and one of the most famous winter carnivals in the world. It takes place in late January to mid-February., and is the perfect time where you will be able to celebrate winter while highlighting the cultural character of the city.

You can not miss visiting Bonhomme and his Winterland, where you can zip down an ice slide in a toboggan and lead your own dogsled team or if you want to go extra further you can ride the Ferris wheel as well.

Le Carnaval de Quebec is the most famous winter carnivals in the world
Le Carnaval de Quebec is the most famous winter carnivals in the world

Spend an afternoon at one sugar shack

Sugar shacks are a tradition in Quebec, and you cannot miss it. It’s a very popular experience in spring because the sap begins to flow, and maple producers start to make syrup. Spend an afternoon at one sugar shack, and learn about the process of making maple syrup, taste different local delicacies and take part in sleigh rides.

A foodie tour in Quebec?

Quebec has a reputation as a culinary hub and it’s a must-visit foodie destination. The city’s food scene has a wide range of styles, excellent service, and French, British, North American, and Indigenous influences.

Tourtière, fèves au lard, poor man’s pudding are the dishes you must eat because they’re representative of traditional Québécois cuisine. But the food offer is huge, here’s a list of the best restaurants in Quebec.

  • Anciens Canadiens, where you can taste the best meat pie and poutine.
  • Laurie Raphael, a new cuisine experience connected to Quebec’s roots.
  • Chez Muffy, traditional french cuisine. Try local mackerel, larch-infused butter, grilled zucchinis, and sweet-and-sour radicchio.
  • Restaurant Légende, local fresh food. The specialties are torchon foie gras and lamb fries, monkfish, and elk carpaccio.
Quebec is a great foodie destination
Quebec is a great foodie destination

Where to go after work and fun?

Quebec offers a diverse variety of accommodation options, designed to suit the needs of any traveler. Here at Corporate Stays, we know you are looking for the best Quebec long term furnished rentals.

That’s why we offer you the perfect housing in the city in our furnished apartments with all the amenities. Book at the La Garde complex, where you will have the best possible quality of life in the heart of Sainte-Foy.

That’s it! Now you just need to pack. We hope all these options will make your trip to Quebec an extraordinary experience!

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