The sun’s gone down and the daytime tourists have headed back to the tour buses and hotels. Time to get the night in gear! Where to go though? There’s nothing like a good cocktail to put the day behind you and loosen up a bit. Montreal has plenty of bars to offer, each with it’s own great flavor and style. Here’s just a few gems to keep in mind when picking your poison.


Big in Japan Bar: You could consider the entrance to this one fairly bland, but the inside is far from forgettable. Make your way into this cult favourite and you’ll find some of Montreal’s coolest people drinking delectable old-fashioned cocktails. It’s a cozy, unique place to go, and it is definitely something a little off-the-beaten-track to keep on your to-drink list. Did I happen to mention the Absinthe fountain? Yup, you heard that right, an Absinthe fountain. This is sure to pique your interest, so if you’re daring, give ‘er a shot!

Le A Bar: An affordable watering hole that’s great for travellers on a budget, this bar bar is a well-kept secret in the Plateau neighborhood. They offer some pretty cheap wines and a great, intimate atmosphere. It’s more of a quiet, modest place, where you can get away for a relaxing drink with interesting people, not to mention the low prices. They also offer great deals on shooters.

Globe: Retro and cool, with just a bit of class, Globe is the place to hang out and be well-fed while sipping a well-made drink. Whether you’re looking for a classic cocktail, or an excellent plate of seafood (or both), you’ll be sure to be flagging down that waiter.

Le Lab: How should I put this…Le Lab is a crazy place. They offer some of the most unique, dangerous, and odd combinations of drinks you can imagine. Do they have a Beef Jerky drink? They do indeed. If you’re looking for something that’s really tasty, try the Apple Crumb cocktail. Containing Calvados Boulard, Citadelle Gin, Old Fashion Fee Brothers, and Premieré Nation Fumé, this drink will have you begging for more as the server brings it out to you with a glass covering the top. When you take it off, the smell of fresh apples fills the room. Yum!


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