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Team Building Activities in Montreal: Corporate Stays Top 5 Selection

Team building is crucial for building rewarding relationships within your workplace. But did you know it can also influence productivity and customer service as well? Here at Corporate Stays, we pride ourselves on offering our workers a range of team building exercises to help create a well-aligned team.

If you’re looking for team building activities in Montreal to treat your staff, check out our top 5 selection below.

Team Building Activities in Montreal: Axe Throwing

While not a conventional activity, throwing axes can be quite an enjoyable and rewarding team building activity. Rage Axe Throwing in Montreal is the perfect place to throw some axes with your teammates as well as create bonds. It can help them to let out their competitive streak and talk to other colleagues they may not regularly interact with.

Never threw an axe before? Not a problem! Each one receives a one on one training before you start releasing your inner Viking. It is a challenge, but when you are trying to hit the target, the rest of your peers are there cheering for you! Our Corporate Stays team gave it a go and the result couldn’t be more successful. So much fun!

Team Building Activities in Montreal: Painting

If you want low key team building activities in Montreal, then why not consider painting instead? At Centre du Team Building, you can create a “team masterpiece” – a brilliant piece of art which works out to be a collaborative effort. The results of which are actually quite surprising.

Painting with your staff can be fun and motivating, as well as helpful for uniting teams, creating beneficial team dynamics, networking, and promoting effective leadership. If you want to build a well-oiled machine, then it might be time to get the paintbrushes out and give team painting a try.

Team Building Activities in Montreal: Archery

To enhance your team spirit and strengthen their working relationship, it might be time to try archery. Combat d’Archers is one of many fun and exciting team building activities in Montreal that is bound to pique your curiosity.

There are several packages, all of which cater to large groups of people. But if archery is not your first choice, they also offer nerf combats. Our Corporate Stays team gave it a try and we can say: It’s Approved!

Team Building Activities in Montreal: Escape Games

If you want to boost your group’s communication skills, trust, and release some beneficial creative thinking, then one of the best team building activities in Montreal is A/Maze – Real Life Escape Game.

Your team needs to solve puzzles and riddles while using their logical thinking to get ahead. The best part is, it allows them to flex their creative muscles while working together as a team. However, there will be pressure. You have a set time limit to complete a mission or escape the maze. This means that teamwork is crucial. 

At A/Maze, there is a range of different missions and activities which means no two visits are the same.

Team Building Activities in Montreal: Do Good Bus

Being a part of a community requires you to help make it the best community it can be. Therefore, there’s every reason to organize for your staff to jump aboard the Do Good Bus. Whether you are celebrating success, need a mid-project motivation, or you think your team could be closer than they are, the Do Good Bus can help.

Your team will get on the bus, take part in fun games and activities, and help the community along the way. Each journey is a secret which means the hierarchy within your workplace can be turned on its head.

If you’re looking for the best team building activities in Montreal, you won’t be disappointed!

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