Are you a fan of art and often find yourself traveling for business? Why not merge your two interests by exploring some of the top destinations in North America in Montreal withing a walk distance from your furnished apartment in Montreal? This city has everything from fine arts museums and artsy shops to captivating street art and intricate architectural details.

Keep your eyes open and soak in the artistic vibes! While handling business matters, reserve your free time for immersing yourself in Montreal’s Montreal’s museums, galleries, and visual arts scene.

Plus, don’t worry about the distance. We’re sure it’s near the furnished apartment in Montreal. You’ll find a great art spot or a famous museum. You only have to walk the streets nearby to enjoy it.

Let’s start with a taste of the top museums…

Top museums of Montreal

Montreal has over 40 museums, including archaeology, fine arts, contemporary arts, history, ethnology, natural history, photography, customs, world cultures, circus, and more.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Without a doubt, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the city’s most prominent museum. In fact, MMFA is one of Canada’s most visited museums and the eighth in North America. So, feast on original contemporary fine arts exhibitions, fashion and design, music, and film.


Be sure to walk through all its five pavilions, which include international art, world cultures, decorative arts and design, and Quebec and Canadian art.  

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Wednesdays only the significant exhibitions are accessible. The cost for general admission is CAD $24, and for Wednesday evenings (starting at 5 P.M.) is CAD $16.

Montreal Museum of contemporary art (MAC)

MAC hosts works from local and international artists. You can discover new and continually changing experiences, including a rich permanent collection of 7,600 works. Additionally, the museum offers academic activities.

Montreal Museum of contemporary art (MAC)
Montreal Museum of contemporary art

The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday. Admission is CAD$15 for adults, and on Wednesday evenings, it is half-price from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History

Pointe-à-Callière holds a multimedia show and three annual national and international exhibitions. You can hop in the elevator and head underground, where you can follow the development of Montreal, from its days as a fledgling colony and on up through the present day to an exhibit showing the city’s multicultural lifestyle.

Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History in Montreal

It’s located in the heart of Old Montreal. It is open Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Saturday and Sunday from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. The general admission is CAD$17.

In addition to the city’s major art museums, there are other museums where you can enjoy art. Take, for example:

  • The McCord Museum celebrates the history of Montreal with objects, paintings, costumes, and more.
  • The Stewart Museum or Saint-Gabriel Museum highlights European influence in New France.
  • The Cinémathèque Québécoise highlights works from Quebec and elsewhere in Canada and international animated films for cultural and educational purposes.

In late May, celebrate Montreal Museums Day, when you can get access for free to 34 museums. On the MTL Museums website, you can get 3 different packages for exploring the city’s museums at your own pace.

Tour all galleries!

If you prefer galleries, the city is home to so many galleries. In fact, you will find nearly two dozen galleries in the Old Montreal district alone, from Inuit art and photography to the most contemporary works.

Best galleries to visit in Montreal

Montreal Art Center is a must-visit gallery in Griffintown, a hub of visual arts where you can watch the work of resident artists from these open personal studios. La Guilde is a historical gallery and museum of Canadian art. Delight in contemporary art like Inuit, Métis, and First Nation creations that will give you an insight into the diversity of Canadian crafts and artwork.

Spend a day in artistic coffee shops

In Montreal, you can find several places to enjoy good coffee and art. These coffee shops are all stunning. Whether it is for their breathtaking authentic architecture, unpretentious decor, or unique minimalist details, they express Montreal’s artistic life.

  • Café des Arts offers different fresh and often local menu items, baked goods, and seasonal treats with the gallery space, blending which presents contemporary creative work by local artists. It’s located in the Bonsecours Market in the Old Port.
  • Arts Café is known for its brunch offerings, in addition to its coffee. You can enjoy arts-related events throughout the year.

Interact with street art

Exploring the Street art in Montreal

The city hosts a vast diversity of street art, which you can admire. An annual international public art festival focuses on murals and mural-making. St. Laurent is the most famous street art spot, “an open-air art gallery,” with over 100 works of international and local talent.
You’ll find some of the best works on the buildings and walls in the city’s Mont-Royal neighborhood.

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Best Museums and Art Spots within a walk distance from your furnished apartment in Montreal

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