Embarking on a new chapter in Calgary’s vibrant city represents a significant decision. Corporate Stays Furnished Rentals, a leading provider of corporate housing in Canada, is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for individuals immigrating to Calgary.

With over a decade of expertise in the hospitality and housing industry, Corporate Stays has been a trusted companion since 2008, specializing in creating spaces that seamlessly blend comfort and style, providing a home away from home.

immigration to calgary canada

Assistance with Relocation For A Comfortable Start

Corporate Stays actively assists with relocation to facilitate a comfortable start in Calgary, recommending fully furnished short-term rental apartments. At these apartments, ranging from studios to 2-bedroom units, you will get modern furniture, kitchen supplies, linens, and more. They cater to individuals or families of different sizes and budgets. Allowing for establishing a comfortable home without the hassle of having temporary household items.
In addition to providing rentals, Corporate Stays actively supports relocation and offers flexibility for those awaiting their shipped belongings.

Our fully furnished rentals in Calgary include high-speed wireless Internet, and the guest services line ensures prompt repair assistance. With access to amenities like cable TV, dishwasher, microwave, and pet-friendly options, the emphasis is placed on prioritizing the comfort. For both individuals or families immigrating to Calgary.

Get Familiar with Calgary Living

To ease the transition into Calgary life, Corporate Stays achieves the perfect balance of stability and flexibility, liberating individuals from the constraints of a long-term lease. This freedom empowers them to thoroughly explore the city’s diverse neighbourhoods before committing to a permanent home. Taking advantage of discounts for extended stays and relishing flexible checkout policies tailored to individual needs ensures an easy and stress-free transition.

Furnished rentals for people Immigrating to Calgary

Furnished Rentals Locations are in Your Community

Recognizing the significance of connection, Corporate Stays strategically positions furnished rentals near transit, workplaces, schools, places of worship, cultural centers, and community support. The diverse accommodations actively cater to varying preferences, providing options that align with different lifestyles. Whether individuals desire the energy of downtown Calgary or its more tranquil neighbourhoods, Corporate Stays strategically positions its spaces to enhance the sense of belonging and guarantee seamless integration into the city’s dynamic landscape.

In fulfilling its mission, Corporate Stays prioritizes the comfort and connection of individuals immigrating to Calgary. The company actively aims to facilitate a smooth transition. Offering fully furnished short-term rental apartments, convenient services, community support, and flexibility in housing options.

Discover the warmth and diversity of Calgary with Corporate Stays! Ready to embark on your Calgary journey with us? Contact our 24/7 Customer Service Support today! For more insights, follow us on @CorporateStays!

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