Travelling on a business trip has many perks, but being away from those you love is not one of them. Holidays can be a particularly rough time, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner here are a few ways you can surprise the person you care about from another city, or even another country.

Business Trip Valentine #1: Shower in Flowers

Sure, the idea of flowers around Valentine’s Day has been somewhat overplayed, especially considering how much the damn things cost. But being in another city entirely means you have one important factor on your side – the element of surprise. You call in an order of flowers to your love back home, and not only won’t they expect it, it’ll absolutely blindside them with joy.

Business Trip Valentine #2: Letters To The Heart

We’re currently living in the most technologically interconnected time in history. Any piece of information can be communicated from your brain onto someone else’s screen in a second. But there is no substitute for a classic. In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, send out a hand written letter by mail to the person you’re missing back home while on your business trip. For the price of a postage stamp you’re sending a gift that shows a level of care and foresight that is almost unmatched.

Business Trip Valentine #3: The Skype Dinner

Sure you facetime every other day, but on February 14th do something special. Cook yourselves up the same meal, light up some candles and… launch up Skype. To some this might seem silly, but it’s a great way to get you both on equal ground and, for a brief moment, feel like you’re in the room together. Sure this is a trick of the mind, however humans are social creatures and this is an extremely healthy way to combat the loneliness the comes with extended business trips

Business Trip Valentine #4: Leave a Video Note

Similar to the written letter, this is a great way to wake your significant other with on Valentine’s Day. Record a short video of yourself telling them how much you love and miss them while on your business trip. If you’re musically inclined sing them a song, if you’re funny tell them a joke about when you first met. The point here is to show them that even though it feels like you’re on the other side of the world, they’re the world to you.

Business Trip Valentine #5: Be Spontaneous

This last one is an outlier and definitely isn’t an option for everyone. Say you’ve been travelling on business for 3 weeks and you’ve got another 3 weeks to go. Odds are work is expensing a good portion of the trip. Save up the money you would have spent on food, drinks, rent, and buy a last minute round trip ticket back home. Surprise your significant other and it will absolutely make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. It also sets the bar pretty high, so start brainstorming ideas on how to follow it up with something even better next year!


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