Business travel is big in Ottawa, one of Canada’s most picturesque cities. As the country’s capital, it is home to a multitude of businesses, politicians, and conventions. So there’s a very good chance that sooner or later you’ll find yourself walking out your CorporateStays apartment, passing by Parliament on your way to a meeting. But where do you go? Here is how to find your ideal meeting space in Ottawa, perfect for everything from coffee with a potential partner to drinks with Justin Trudeau. 

Meeting Space in Ottawa #1: Rideau Canal

There has been an increase recently in the popularity of walking meetings. It’s seen as a great way to keep yourself and your client stimulated while talking about business. It’s also a great way to tour Ottawa during its 150th anniversary. The city will be beautified ahead of the celebration, so get out of the board room and close that deal!

Meeting Space in Ottawa #2: Zoé’s Lounge

Ottawa and sinkholes go hand in hand as of late, so driving might be tricky, but thankfully our CorporateStays apartments are within walking distance of some great spots.

Stepping it up a notch is Zoé’s Lounge at the Chateau Laurier, where no expense was spared. This spot is a great way to make a client feel like they’re being taken care of. You’ll get a environment of sophistication that impresses, without being overly pretentious.

Check out ZOE’S LOUNGE  

Meeting Space in Ottawa #3: TOWN

With winter setting in, Ottawa transforms into a winter wonderland. Walking through the ByWard market is a good time, but will lead you and your business associate to an endless row of seemingly identical buildings. Finding a restaurant under such weather conditions can be limiting. And that’s where TOWN comes in. Somewhat of a hidden gem in Ottawa is oozes with style bot decoratively and culinary. Their Italian fusion menu will impress any client, but it’s their steak tartar that has locals buzzing about this hot spot.

Check out TOWN

Meeting Space in Ottawa #4: A SENATOR’S GAME

With the Ottawa Redblacks having just won the the Grey Cup, the city is great for sports fans. And nothing says sports or Canada like a hockey game. Bring a client to the Canadian Tire Centre for an Ottawa Senators game and you will be the hero of the night. Adrenaline pumping, crowd cheering, and slightly overpriced arena food isn’t your traditional meeting spot. But then again, who wants traditional?

Get your tickets to a Sens game!

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