American Thanksgiving comes a full month and a half after Canadian Thanksgiving. As a result, the gap between the two holidays often means that cross-border business is still running on both of them. As a result, you’ve found yourself travelling to Canada on business during Thanksgiving.

For more general tips on how to celebrate Thanksgiving away from home, you can enjoy our previous blog post. But for those of you looking to celebrate American Thanksgiving in Canada, we have some special tips below.

Celebrate American Thanksgiving with Other Americans

With the two countries so close, there a plethora of American expats in Canada. Communities like Democrats Abroad, American Women’s Club, and the Internations expat communities are a great place for American expats to make connections.

Both Democrats Abroad and the American Women’s Club will be hosting open American Thanksgiving dinners. So if you’re looking for a taste of home, check with the local American expat community for a local event.

Celebrate American Thanksgiving by Hosting Your Own

Don’t have an event being hosted near you? Sounds like you should host your own! Get in touch with your friends and family in Canada, and host your own dinner. If you’re travelling up with colleagues, you can always have a dinner together. Not only will it provide some of the comfort of home, but will be an excellent bonding experience for your team.

If you’re staying in a corporate apartment, like those offered by Corporate Stays, you will have a full kitchen at your disposal. This means that you’ll still be able to make your favourite dishes to share. Maybe it’ll be the start of a new tradition?

Celebrate American Thanksgiving by Embracing Canadian Traditions

Canada is really close with its neighbour. As a result, there are a few Canadian events that coincide with the Thanksgiving season in the United States. While you will be able to watch the Macy’s Day Parade from the comfort of your couch, you can also go out enjoy the real-live Santa Claus Parade in Toronto on Sunday, November 19th. (Santa makes an early stop in Toronto before heading down to New York.)

There will be plenty of NFL games to watch on TV, or at the local pub, but were you aware that Canada also has it’s own professional football league? The CFL, as it is called, is going into playoffs. Division finals are being played on November 19th, with the championship, the Grey Cup, scheduled for November 26th. Don’t think you can get a last-minute ticket to the games? You can still enjoy the festive atmosphere at your local sports bar. It’s certainly Canadian, but the football fever might warm you up a bit.

However you decide to spend your time away, it is always a little difficult to be away from home on the holidays. Let Corporate Stays make your trip a little easier by finding you a top-notch apartment. We have a large variety of buildings in choice locations throughout Canada’s largest cities, with amenities to make your trip feel as close to home as possible.

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