Managing employee relocations can be quite a headache, especially as businesses continue to spread their wings globally. The costs of such moves, particularly the accommodation part, can quickly add up, often pushing the company’s budget to its limits.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to cut down on these expenses without compromising on your employees’ comfort and safety?

With the Corporate Stays passport program, you no longer have to resort to uncomfortable cuts like having employees share rooms, which can lead to dissatisfaction and stress.

This program is designed to save your company money while ensuring a smooth and pleasant relocation experience for everyone involved.

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What is a Corporate Stays Passport?

The Corporate Stays Passport offers a unique solution for corporate workers, digital nomads, and frequent travelers looking for comfortable, long-term accommodations across Canada. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

Monthly Subscription: Move and work between cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and more with one monthly flat rate.

Why Choose CS Passport?

  • Over 500 options across Canada.
  • Options range from studio to 2-bedroom apartments.
  • Easy booking with a 24/7 concierge team.
  • Optional upgrades, like grocery delivery.

Get the Corporate Stays passport today for a hassle-free, cost-effective way to manage your stay in Canada.

Where Can You Find Short-Term Apartment Rentals?

Finding the perfect spot for your stay in Canada is a breeze with Corporate Stays. Check out our options:

Montreal Vancouver Ottawa Halifax Winnipeg Edmonton
Laval Kanata Brossard Toronto Quebec City Calgary
  • Fully furnished rental apartments are perfect for any need.
  • From luxury penthouses to spacious lofts.

With a Corporate Stays passport, you can live in our special collection of short-term rentals, feeling at home no matter where in Canada you are.

What Does the CS Temporary Housing Solution Offer?

Our housing solution offers a cozy and convenient place for you to stay, making your move smoother and less stressful.

  • Over 1,000 Furnished Rentals: Across major Canadian cities, ensuring you find a temporary home close to work, school, or family.
  • Pet-Friendly Options: Bring your furry friends along. We ensure they’re as comfortable as you are in our spaces.
  • Strategic Locations: Near public transport, schools, and hospitals to keep your routine intact.
  • Variety of Apartments: From studios to 3-bedroom apartments and penthouses, all fully furnished to feel just like home.
  • Insurance Adjuster Advantages: Dedicated specialists, simple billing, flexible rates, and no hidden fees.

Why Choose Corporate Stays?

  • Ease and Comfort: Immediate or next-day bookings for emergency housing, with comfortable solutions at competitive rates.
  • Total Support: Dedicated to your recovery, letting you focus on what matters most.
  • Professionalism: Ten years of expertise in furnished rentals, offering personalized, reliable service.

Join our exclusive passport program today and get huge savings! We’re excited to welcome your employees into our high-end homes and make their stay unforgettable. 


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