Established in 2008, Corporate Stays has maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence, solidifying its position as the foremost provider of corporate housing in Canada. Our company prides itself on reimagining sophisticated temporary accommodations, introducing unparalleled expertise to the fields of hospitality and housing. Opting for an extended stay in Brossard with us guarantees a seamless and enriching experience.

short-term rentals for individuals immigrating to Brossard, QC

Immerse Yourself in Brossard’s Dynamic Neighborhoods

Discover our extensive collection of fully furnished rentals nestled within Brossard’s diverse neighborhoods. With a steadfast commitment to offering an unparalleled extended stay experience in this bustling city, Corporate Stays provides an array of meticulously curated amenities. Transitioning from building facilities such as a BBQ area, co-working space, and fitness center to outdoor pools, parking facilities, and communal gardens, we ensure every aspect of your stay caters to your needs.

Experience Unmatched Convenience and Comfort

Our accommodations boast an array of conveniences! From Wi-Fi, smart TVs, optional IPTV, indoor parking, in-suite washer/dryer units to fully equipped kitchens with dishwashers, and microwaves, along with all necessary utilities. Furthermore, our comprehensive services extend to 24/7 support and pet-friendly options. Consequently, ensuring that your stay with Corporate Stays is not only luxurious but also tailored to your individual needs.

Ideal housing solutions for individuals immigrating to Brossard

Crafting the Perfect Extended Stay Experience in Brossard

At Corporate Stays, we understand that each guest’s needs vary. That’s why our accommodation services cater to a diverse range of requirements. Including extended professional assignments, employee relocations, insurance housing, home renovations, and temporary positions. With a focus on delivering exceptional value, convenience and privacy at rates lower than traditional hotels, we strive to exceed expectations.

Corporate Stays tailors premium living experiences for all. In fact, we have housing options for business professionals, relocating employees, and those in need of temporary housing. Explore our website today and reach out to our 24/7 Customer Service team for assistance. Secure your extended stay rental in Brossard today. Remember to stay informed about our latest offerings by following us @CorporateStays!

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