Great books for business travelers

Jan 17, 2014 | City Guides, Lifestyle & Tips

There are many, many travel guides out there but it may well be that the last thing you want to read about on a train to Plattsburg for a meeting with a supplier are the beaches of northern Thailand. Check out these informative, practical guides that will help make your travel time fly, and make your business trip more productive:

Confessions of a professional traveler – Steve Stewart

A great little e-book for those looking to save money, get hidden deals and essentially ‘hack’ the system. Like the ‘Four Hour Work Week’ for business travelers – it’s a small price to pay for tips that could help you save big in the long run.

The Survivors Guide to Business Travel – Roger Collis

Published by the International Herald Tribune, this is a handy guide compiled from the author’s business travel columns for the newspaper. It covers staying healthy, getting good deals, accommodation tips, and extending your trip, amongst other topics.

Business Travel Success – Carol Margolis

This will be an interesting read for anyone who’s relatively new to business travel. Margolis takes a look at the work-life balance aspect of business travel, and offers advice on being less stressed, healthier, and more productive while on the road.


If you need specific country information, you should check out eBizGuides. Each dual-purpose guide contains an up-to-date economic profile and rundown of sectors of industry and business environments, as well as an additional section on the entertainment and leisure tourism opportunities.

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