More and more companies are switching to Serviced Apartments for their housing needs. The rise in demand for serviced and fully furnished apartments is attributed to superior convenience and cost control over the old standard of extended-stay hotels. As consumer awareness rises, many companies are discovering this type of apartments are advantageous for many reasons. Here are the top five reasons why companies are switching to serviced rentals.

Serviced apartments offer cost savings over hotel stays

The key to the continued success of the serviced apartment model is cost control. Short-term stay apartments have a lower operating cost with less money spent on staffing, housekeeping, and maintaining a bar and restaurant. The operator can charge less for the service, especially over longer-term rentals.

Clients enjoy more privacy, autonomy, and a personalized experience

A big part of the popularity of these apartments comes from the customer experience. Having your apartment means added privacy, autonomy and feeling at home in your space. The business model also allows operators to develop long-term relationships with their clients. Companies can count on receiving a dedicated service from apartment providers, repeatedly returning to the same service for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

serviced apartment in Canada with Corporate Stays

Serviced Apartments offer more space than hotel rooms

No question furnished apartments win out over hotel rooms in average dimensions. Serviced and furnished apartments offer guests the option to relax in fully-equipped living rooms, prepare meals in serviced kitchens with complete dining tables and much more. For business stays where so much relies on being able to keep up your routine, serviced rentals are the clear choice for companies.

Serviced apartments offer Better locations

When travelling for business stays, employees can benefit from the accessibility of serviced rentals. With more choice of location, companies are switching to this model of corporate housing for added convenience. Big hotels are limited in the areas they can offer, while furnished apartment companies can provide luxurious accommodations in various convenient and desirable locations around the city.

Serviced apartment companies offer global services

Companies can often work with just one housing service provider for all their corporate housing needs across several cities. Serviced apartment providers like have apartments in a growing list of major cities across the globe. The convenience of trusting just one service provider for your housing needs is attractive to a company where streamlining services can lead to significant cost savings and fewer headaches.

Once considered a new housing trend, it is clear that Serviced rentals are here to stay. This global phenomenon is quickly causing companies to shift their thoughts about housing.

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