In the bustling world of film production, finding suitable accommodation can make or break the experience for the film cast and crew. Corporate Stays understands the unique needs of the film industry, offering corporate housing that blends luxury, convenience, and flexibility. Explore our tailored solutions in the heart of Toronto, designed to elevate your stay during those long shoots.

Location and Accessibility in Every Corner of Toronto

Corporate Stays proudly offers premium corporate housing solutions across major Canadian cities, with a focus on the vibrant streets of Toronto. Our accommodations seamlessly blend sophistication with convenience, providing professionals a home away from home. Whether in Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, or Halifax, Corporate Stays is committed to delivering impeccable service and exceeding expectations in every aspect of your temporary housing experience.

Medical Stays

Discover the ultimate comfort with our fully furnished apartments strategically located in secure 24/7 buildings across Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods. Enjoy the convenience of proximity to your filming destinations, with the perfect backdrop just outside your door.

Luxurious Amenities and Comfort

From cozy studios to opulent penthouses, Corporate Stays provides a diverse range of options in Toronto. Immerse yourself in the city’s heart with private balconies and stunning skyline views.

Our apartments boast fully equipped kitchens, in-suite laundry, and essential appliances, ensuring comfort during your film cast and crew entire stay. Unwind at the outdoor pool, barbecue with colleagues, or stay fit in our fully equipped gym at IMMIX Toronto.

Penthouse For Rent

Flexibility and Customization: Adapting to Your Schedule

At Corporate Stays, we comprehend the unpredictable nature of film schedules. Enjoy a stress-free experience with our flexible cancellation policy. Connect with our team representatives to explore tailor-made solutions for larger crews or extended stays. We’re here to ensure your accommodation aligns seamlessly with the dynamic demands of the film industry.

Technology and Connectivity

Corporate Stays acknowledges the unpredictability of film schedules and invites you to experience a stress-free stay with our flexible cancellation policy. Connect with our team for personalized solutions catering to larger crews or extended stays. Our goal is to ensure your accommodation seamlessly aligns with the dynamic demands of your film cast and crew.

Security and Privacy: Your Peace of Mind Matters

In our commitment to providing an unparalleled guest experience, Corporate Stays elevates the standard of safety and privacy in our Toronto apartments. Recognizing the paramount importance of our guests’ well-being, each of our properties is equipped with robust 24/7 security measures, guaranteeing not only a haven but also a confidential and tranquil environment. 

Our dedication to your peace of mind extends beyond comfortable accommodations; it encompasses a comprehensive approach to security, creating a setting where you can fully immerse yourself in the serenity of your stay, knowing that your safety and privacy are our top priorities.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts during 2024!

Take advantage of our Seasonal Offer! Enjoy a 30% discount for a travel window from Dec 1st, 2023 to Feb 28th, 2024, with a booking window from Dec 1st, 2023 to Jan 5th, 2024. Lights, camera, savings! Follow us on Instagram to learn more about our fully furnished rentals, guest testimonials, and exclusive offers.

Embark on a cinematic journey with Corporate Stays in Toronto. If you’re part of a film cast and crew, our corporate housing solutions redefine comfort and convenience. Immerse yourself in the luxury of fully equipped apartments! Stay connected with advanced technology, and experience the security and privacy you deserve.


Corporate Stays invites film industry professionals to experience a home away from home in Toronto. With tailored amenities, flexible terms, and exclusive offers, your stay becomes a seamless part of your cinematic adventure.

Book with us in Toronto and let your Toronto story unfold in the lap of luxury and convenience — corporate Housing for Film Cast and Crew — where comfort meets creativity. 

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