As part of Corporate Stays’ commitment to corporate social responsibility, 1% of our sales contribute to the Embera Collection projects. These projects involve building eco-friendly lodges and cabins and taking care of natural landscapes to create spaces for individuals who share our commitment to taking care of the environment.

The Embera Collection

The eco-friendly hotels, lodges, and cabins within the Embera Collection are in natural spots, going beyond the typical nature retreat. They play a crucial role in protecting these areas for future generations.

Our commitment to sustainability is clear in different parts of our operations, like collecting rainwater, using solar energy, and actively planting trees and restoring habitats.

Corporate Stays Builds eco-friendly lodges

Embera Collection’s primary mission revolves around conservation. A portion of the proceeds from each stay contributes to reforestation efforts, supporting the rejuvenation of endangered wildlands. Participation in these retreats signifies your contribution to our collective effort to preserve and protect nature.

Embera Collection has spearheaded various eco-conscious projects, including Saboga Lodge, Villa Noelia, Miskitu, Kooteja, and Kisiwa.

Saboga Lodge

Saboga Lodge, initiated by Corporate Stays, reflects the company’s dedication to responsible tourism. Financed through 1% of Corporate Stays’ sales, the eco-friendly lodge is guided by three core principles: Conservation, Culture, and Community.

Saboga Lodge aims to protect the environment, uphold wildlife welfare, and advance cultural and sustainability education. This establishment models the industry’s move towards conscientious and impactful practices, seamlessly blending luxury with eco-consciousness.

Saboga Lodge

Villa Noelia

Located on Saboga Island in Panama, Villa Noelia is a boutique beachfront resort. It offers a serene escape from daily life. With easy beach access, Villa Noelia provides a great atmosphere for a relaxing tropical getaway.

The service ensures a comfortable experience for visitors. Whether lounging by the shore or exploring the island, the villa presents an opportunity for a peaceful retreat, making it an appealing choice for those seeking relaxation in a picturesque tropical setting alone with their family or friends.


Located in the scenic locale of Santa Catalina, Panama, Miskitu is a boutique hotel renowned for its chic villas, private patios, and well-tended gardens. Noteworthy for its commitment to sustainable practices, the hotel employs eco-friendly measures such as solar energy utilization and rainwater recycling.

At Miskitu, guests can enjoy the serene surroundings, appreciating that their stay aligns with responsible environmental practices.


Kooteja provides cabins designed with an environmental focus for those seeking sustainable accommodations. A noteworthy aspect of Kooteja is the commitment to safeguarding one acre of forest for each room booked. This demonstrates a tangible dedication to environmental protection.

Going beyond typical hospitality practices, Kooteja actively invests in land acquisition for reforestation projects, contributing to restoring crucial ecosystems.

By promoting responsible tourism and engaging guests in reforestation efforts through cabin stays, Kooteja cultivates a community that values environmental conservation, making each getaway a meaningful contribution to the planet’s well-being.

Corporate Stays is Empowering Local Communities through Sustainable Tourism

While our commitment to environmental stewardship is at the forefront of the Embera Collection projects, it’s equally important to highlight the positive impact of these initiatives on local communities. Through all our eco-conscious projects, we are preserving natural landscapes and providing valuable work opportunities for the residents of these areas.

Corporate Stays provides jobs to local communities

The construction and maintenance of our eco-friendly lodges and cabins, such as Saboga Lodge, Villa Noelia, Miskitu, and Kooteja, involve the active participation of local communities. From skilled labor for construction to hospitality services, the Embera Collection projects contribute to the economic development of the regions where they are situated.

Join Us in Making a Difference

So, as you embark on a retreat with Embera Collection, you’re not just enjoying a luxurious and environmentally conscious experience but also actively participating in projects that empower local communities. Your stay contributes to the well-being of nature and the people who call these pristine environments home.

Do you share a passion for environmental causes and aspire to support our mission while relishing a serene retreat?

Visit the Embera Collection website to explore the details of our projects.

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