Business tourism in Canada has been rising lately, and it is not hard to see why. The economy is becoming increasingly global, resulting in more business travel. In a new city, people want to see more than the airport and the inside of an office. They want to see historical landmarks, explore natural beauty, and experience exotic restaurants.

Call it business tourism, pleasure, what you will, but this trend looks like it is here to stay. As people travel, they want to enjoy more than strictly business.

At Corporate Stays, we like delivering an experience beyond business. Let us share some of our top tips for business tourism in Canada.

business Tourism in Canada

Business Tourism Tip #1: Location, Location, Location

While staying at the hotel near the airport may seem simple, the extra travel time in and out of the city could make sightseeing easier. Staying in accommodations closer to the city’s business and tourist hubs may be a better option.

Make a brief list of the things you would like to see while you are in the city. By comparing those areas with where you will conduct your business, you’ll have a better idea of where you want to stay. After all, what better way to start your day than walking by a historic site, leaving your mind clear and cheerful as you stroll into your first meeting?

Business Tourism Tip #2: Take Advantage of Local Expertise

One of the easiest ways to get some insider tips on the best places to see is to stay somewhere with a dedicated concierge service. With their local knowledge and experience with business and tourism, you can count on a concierge to have great ideas on how to enjoy your stay. Whether it be a fantastic restaurant that is super popular with the locals or the best times to visit a popular tourist spot, having that kind of local expertise on your side will bring your trip to the next level.

Business Tourism Tip #3: Mix Business and Pleasure

Speaking of local expertise, why not rely on local knowledge from those you meet during your visit? Most people are thrilled to share their favorite spots in the city, and they will be flattered that you asked.

Another way to mix business and pleasure is to meet near or anywhere you want to see. Go for a walk around Central Park in New York, have lunch at the CN Tower in Toronto, or visit a trendy cafe in Montreal’s Old Port. You will enjoy something new during the meeting, which could help your session. The person you’re meeting will be happy to get out of the office, and by sharing an experience, psychologically, they will be predisposed to like you more.

Business Tourism Tip #4: Take Your Time

Time is always the ultimate factor. In travel, business, and tourism, what you can do mainly depends on your time. The nice thing about business tourism in Canada is that it maximizes your time.

If you were planning on flying into town on Monday, why not arrive on Saturday or Sunday? It will give you a few extra days to explore the city and minimize the effects of jet lag on your meetings. Take the time to enjoy the experience of a new city. It will help you avoid the rush of trying to fit everything into a short time frame. With a relaxed vibe, you can better focus through your meetings. And who knows? If those meetings go well, you may be back soon!

For those seeking a perfect blend of business and pleasure in Canada, Corporate Stays’ apartments are strategically located in prime business and tourism areas across the country. Our Signature Collection apartments in all major Canadian cities feature a knowledgeable concierge team ready to enhance your business trip experience. Let us help you optimize your next business venture in Canada!

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