We’re not saying there isn’t plenty to do in Mexico City – with 16 different boroughs and more than 300 different neighborhoods, it is home to many of the country’s biggest and best attractions, but sometimes you need a break from the big smoke. When that time comes, there are tons of ways to get out and explore with a day trip from the city.  Where can your day trip take you? Here are just a few suggestions:

Make your way to the City of Gods, officially known as Teotihuacan. Located approximately 30 miles from Mexico City. This powerful cultural center has plenty of archaeological sites that will whisk you back into the past. Be sure to visit the Temple of the Quetzalcoatl, the botanical garden, and the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.

Cholulua is another great place to go during your day trip. Located close to the south west of the city, this pyramid is reported to be the largest in the world, covering an amazing 46 acres and spanning 405 meters on each side. Dress comfortably, as there are numerous cool tunnels to venture inside of, and try to go on a weekday, as this popular site gets busy on weekends and holidays.

Puebla is a very important Spanish colonial city, also located southwest of the city.  You will want to arrive in Puebla with an empty stomach, since food is a passion here. The region’s The  unique combination of indigenous, Spanish and Arab influences has resulted in one of Mexico’s most compelling cuisines. Try the ‘mole poblano’ and the Arab-style tacos.

If you’re a beach lover, Valle de Bravo is your calling. Although a two hour drive from Mexico City, a visit here is well worth it. The beaches are situated on lake Avandaro, and the lake’s calm water makes it perfect for swimmers of all abilities. If you’re more of a sporty vacationer than a sun-worshipper, you can try the kayaking, sailing, and water skiing on offer!


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