So, that wonderful time has come to take a vacation, and you find yourself in Vancouver, ready to bask in the sun and spread your toes in the sand of the beach. Whether you’re looking for some quality people watching, a place to show off your rockin beach body, or you simply need to relax and get that tan you’ve been aching for, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! Here’s just a few of the many beaches Vancouver has to offer.

English Bay Beach: Nestled along Beach Avenue between Gilford Street and Bidwell Street, English Bay, or First Beach, this spot offers a variety of amenities. You can find concessions, washrooms, and more. If you enjoy kayaking, they offer a rental service and storage. You can also find the Cactus Club Cafe, which offers a unique blend of fine and casual dining, quick service, and excellent quality, as well as tasty alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst!


Locarno Beach: Found on Northwest Marine Drive, just between Discovery Street and Tolmie Street, Locarno Beach is just the place to relax and tan in peace, as it is actually a designated “quiet beach”. You’ll also find a concession stand, picnic tables, and washrooms.It’s perfect for reading your favorite novel, or enjoying a quiet day with friends and family.

Jericho Beach: Located just on the North side of Jericho Park on Northwest Marine Drive. If you’re looking for some relaxing fishing, or something more adventurous, such as wind surfing, kayaking, or sailing, Jericho Beach offers it all. Play some volleyball with your friends, or make some new ones! With a breathtaking view of the Northshore mountains, you can lie back and forget all the stress of real life.

Spanish Banks: One of the least crowded of Vancouver’s beaches, Spanish Banks is another great spot for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life (If you have a dog, there is an off-leash area). Enjoy a small barbeque, or just stretch out and soak up the rays. You’ll find this little slice of heaven West of Tolmie Street on Northwest Marine Drive.

Wreck Beach: Ready to shed all your worries, including those pesky clothes? Wreck Beach is the the largest nude beaches in Vancouver, and is also among the first. So take it off and enjoy the company of the like-minded individuals that relax along this huge stretch of sand just outsdie the city. Most locals will know where to send you if you ask for directions, but if you’re too shy, just head for the University of British Columbia, it’s just across the road.




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