The last thing any business traveller wants when juggling flights, reservations, meetings and reports is a runny nose or stomach cramps. Check out these preventative measures to ensure a healthy, happy trip:

Coughs and colds: These crop up because of a weakened immune system, and there are many effective ways to build yours up so that viruses don’t stand a chance. First, make sure to get plenty of sleep (we make sure of this with our incredibly comfortable beds), as studies show that the sleep-deprived often have a lower immune-system function. Second, try black tea – a study published in a National Academy of Sciences journal showed that drinking around two cups a day boosts your body’s ability to fight infection.

Upset Stomach: ‘Dehli Belly’ or the unique horror that comes with food poisoning while abroad is a well-known travel peril, but nausea can also come from flying (motion sickness occurs when our body senses movement but can’t see it) and dehydration, which is a common problem for those traveling on long flights. To combat the discomfort, aim to eat small, regular meals before and during travel, drink plenty of water, and consider natural anti-nausea remedies such as ginger and peppermint or over-the-counter medications such as Pepto-Bismol, Maalox and Mylanta.

Headaches: The metaphorical headaches of travel can also come with very real ones, and these are easier to prevent than treat. Drink plenty of water, and avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol when traveling. Try to get as much fresh air as possible, even if that means checking in for a flight and then going back outside for a while. For pressure headaches, rub temples and tight muscles in the head, and gently stretch neck and shoulders.

Fatigue: Serious fatigue can occur simply from a stressful journey, but is also caused by jet lag and the insomnia related to sleeping in a new place. Exercise is a great cure for this – try to choose a hotel or furnished rental with fitness facilities. To beat a troubling time difference, try to stay awake until the normal bed-time of your destination as soon as you arrive. You can also try melatonin, a natural sleeping aid.


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