Moving can be a stressful experience (although if you’ve been smart enough to book one of our fully-furnished apartments as your new base of operations, it makes things a lot smoother!) According to science, it’s right up there with selling your house and having a baby in terms of the stress levels it can induce. If you are trying to make it a little easier on yourself by hiring a moving company, be sure to ask the right questions. The last thing you need is more stress and work! Here are five things you might like to ask.

What is your Registration Number? Check out the company’s registration details and ensure everything is in order. Check they are registered in both the state you are in and the state you are moving to. See if you can find reviews from people who have used them before, or, even better, a recommendation from a friend.

What is your quote? Ask how the moving company charges – it can vary from weight (per pound), per cubic feet, or per hour. If you are moving a long distance, insist on a quote based on weight. For shorter moves, companies may charge per hour. Be sure that any quote received includes all costs and charges, how the charges are being levied and the method of payment.

Are there Additional Hidden Fees? Ask specifically about additional fees and insist these are added to the quote. Additional fees are likely to arise in cases where there isn’t easy access to the property, you have heavy or large items, if there are stairs or high rises or in a building with an elevator with restricted load or size. Work this out with the moving company before you hire them. You don’t want any nasty surprises later.

Do you use Subcontractors? Some companies will employ subcontractors. You didn’t hire the subcontractors though; you did all your homework on the moving company. So, to ensure you are still protected and are guaranteed good service, ask for a list of the subcontractors and check them

Do you offer Insurance? Think about it. Those guys from the moving company have all of your stuff or at least most of it. Some of it is likely to be breakable and some of it is likely to be sentimental. Protect it by asking about insurance. Undoubtedly the moving company will offer some form of insurance, so find out what it is and how it works. It is typically based on weight though and so might not reflect the true monetary value of your possessions and is unlikely to cover the cost of damages. You may be best served by calling your home insurer and discussing your needs with them.

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