Recently, CorporateStays proudly announced expansion into Central America with our newest building in Costa Rica. For many, Costa Rica is a lesser known country with much to offer. So to help you get your bearings before a business trip, here are five great business travel insights as to what it’s actually like to travel on business down south.

Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #1: Lay of the Land

Before you fly anywhere, it’s good practice to check out your country’s travel advisory for the country you’ll be travelling to. In particular Central and South America. While, traditionally, they have gotten a bad rap in terms of safety, it really depends where you’re flying to. In this case, Costa Rica has one of the highest safety reputations in Central America. You can get more information about the current state of the country here.

Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #2: Trust Your Gut

If you’ve ever traveled to the tropics, you know what that means in terms of food. A colorful, beautiful selection of natural ingredients that can potentially make you sick! The one thing that no one can really anticipate is how their body will react to food from the tropics. For all you know you could adapt instantly! Don’t let any of this detract you from trying everything under the sun though, unless you think it’s been there longer than it should have! Open-mindedness about other culture’s foods can be a gateway to some of the best tasting treats you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting!

Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #3: Sleeping Habits

The good news about Costa Rica is that the time difference is minimal compared to the rest of North America, so adjusting won’t be much of an issue. But catching some shuteye with a loud social world just a few meters away from you will be difficult for some. Social norms dictate that not everyone is in bed by 9, so be prepared for some loud nights! A good tip for light sleepers would be to bring a pair of earplugs, just in case.

Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #4: Brush up on your Spanish

Sure, you won’t be in Costa Rica for that long, but for the time that you are there it would make your life and your experience a whole lot better if you picked up on a few words before you flew down south. Not only will it help with interpersonal business relations, it’ll give you a better read on your surroundings. So whether it’s a business meeting, a night out on the town, or bargaining with a shopkeep, knowing even the most basic words in Spanish can go a long way.

Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #5:  Worksploration

Just you’re travelling on business doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your trip in one of the most beautiful countries in Central America! Hop on a bus, or grab a cab and find yourself a spot by the beach, jungle, or mountains, and make that your office for the day! You’d be surprised how available a decent wi-fi connection is to find! And worst case, tether your phone’s data and expense it! This is a great way to maximize a short business trip when you want to take in the sights at the same time.

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