Why You Should Relocate to Costa Rica
If the opportunity to relocate to Costa Rica comes your way, it may seem too good to be true. But thinking outside the box and exploring new possibilities can easily lead you away from the concrete jungle into the tropical isles of Costa Rica. Here are the top 5 reasons you should relocate to Costa Rica.

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #1: The View


Let’s not kid ourselves, the most obvious reason you should relocate to Costa Rica is the view. Why set a desktop wallpaper when you can live in one? Not only will you be surrounded by some of the most colourful flora and fauna, you’ll have 800 miles of coastline to explore! And your Instagram game has never been this strong

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #2: Business Sense

Despite the economic crisis in 2008, Costa Rica’s economy had been growing steadily since 2010. It has evolved from an economy who’s income depended entirely on tourism and agriculture, to one now spread into electronics exports, medical manufacturing, and IT services. A growing infrastructure and youthful outlook on expansion are also ideal elements for a star up business!

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #3: The Food

Incorporating the freshest fruits and vegetables, Costa Rican cuisine is something everyone should try at least once in their lives. The big highlight here is that the tropical location of the country means exotic fruits and veggies readily available at all times. Beyond their local dishes, there is a selection of Italian, Japanese, and Peruvian restaurants heavily inspired by Costa Rica’s traditional cuisine. This makes for a world of flavour you can’t find anywhere else!
Check out more of what Costa Rican cuisine has to offer right here.

Relocate  to Costa Rica Reason #4: The Accommodations

January 2017 marked CorporateStays’ expansion into Costa Rica. This new project is exciting for us and for anyone seeking relocation to Costa Rica! We bring our high quality and standards to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The combination of a contemporary design in a lustrous setting. Take a look at our location in San Jose for yourself!

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #5: Your Health

Working is very often associated with stress, no matter the industry. With quitting your job or burning out becoming normalized as options, why not turn the tables in your favour? By working in the lush paradisal coasts of Costa Rica, you allow yourself to relax while maintaining your career. And sometimes, change can make the work of difference to how you live your life and your perception of it!

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