With the holidays fast-approaching, travelling for business has traditionally hindered any chance at following a shopping schedule. But in an age of smartphones and online marketplaces, where you are in the world no longer determines the success of your holiday shopping! So here are the top 5 shopping apps every business traveller needs this holiday. You never know, it might just save your skin!




You’ve just landed in Vancouver and you’re headed to your CorporateStays apartment, your home for the next few weeks. You’ll be back just in time for the holidays and you know your workload will bog you down. But you have a few minutes to kill right now!

Whip out your phone and get the official Amazon app. This iconic shopping app is a cornerstone of any travel shopper’s arsenal. Instant access to everything from books to drones can be bought, paid for, and delivered on your doorstep before you even get home.

Get it for iPhone and Android



After settling into your new CorporateStays apartment you decide to check out the jacuzzi on the 11th floor. But you’ve only just started your holiday shopping, so while you’re unwinding,  grab your phone and download the Groupon app.

Groupon is a great way to mix up your gift giving this holiday season. You’ll find fantastic deals on amazing restaurants, getaways, spa days, and even skydiving! So instead of giving another tie, give an experience that will never be forgotten, at an unbeatable price.

Get it for iPhone and Android



You’ve just made breakfast in your own CorporateStays signature collection kitchen and you’re gearing up for another day. Time for a quick bit of shopping!

Etsy is a fantastic platform to find handcrafted jewelry, personally designed clothing, unique home decor, and even toys! There’s something for every budget, and giving a personally crafted gift carries with it something special that you just can’t find in a department store.

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You’ve got a surprise meeting with a partner and did not bring the clothes to impress. You also don’t have the time to start running around in a city you don’t know to look for the right clothes. Plus, you can grab a tie for your dad and a bag for your sister at the same time!

With Frank and Oak’s smartphone app, you can quickly find a few items of clothing that catch your eye, have them delivered to you, try them on, and keep what you like or return what you don’t. Ideal for anyone that loves clothes but hates clothing stores. And their recent expansion into women’s clothing means you can find what you want when you want, with no strings attached.

Get it for iPhone and Android.



It’s your last day in the city and CorporateStays guest front desk has an airport shuttle picking you up in a few hours. So why not get some last minute shopping done?

If you like to do things the old fashion way and actually go into a store to shop, Red Flag Deals is your new best friend. Instant knowledge of the best deals in the city you’re visiting within seconds means no waiting for online delivery. You’ll have that smartwatch, Michael Kors bag, or Hudson’s Bay jacket in your suitcase and ready to gift.

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