Top 5 Best Luggage Brands For Business Travel In 2017

A luggage is a business traveller’s best friend. The truth is, no one likes buying luggage. It’s usually expensive, you don’t use it as much as you would to justify the cost, and it’s not exactly something you’ll be posting to Instagram for all the world to see. Well, unless you just bought this one. But a time will come when you’ll have to drop some dough on some luggage, and CorporateStays is here to help you find the best luggage brands for business travel in 2017.

Best Luggage Brands For Business Travel#1: For the Stylish

Just because you’re travelling on business doesn’t mean you’re ready to compromise your look. Away offers a selection of sleek luggage options in a minimalistic design. No need to worry about seasonal trends – their 2017 winter collection comes in Snow and Asphalt. Need to charge your phone? A small built-in battery won’t make the world of difference but it will keep you charged during layovers.

Best Luggage Brands For Business Travel #2: For The Accident-Prone

Are you the kind of person who has zero spatial awareness while travelling with a carry on? Maybe you’re just overly paranoid of how much damage a suitcase takes thought the flight. However you identify, Pelican is the answer you’ve been looking for. With a rugged, lightweight design, you can bang, drop, kick, and throw your baggage any which way – with the knowledge that your belongings are completely safe. You can even drop 1,500 pounds on it and it still won’t break! 

Best Luggage Brands For Business Travel #3: For the Techie

Ever feel like your luggage should be working for you while you stroll it around? Well Bluesmart thought so too! This carry-on is something out of science fiction. It has a built-in GPS, batter charger, digital scale, and remote lock all held together in a water resistant shell. It is 100% TSA approved so no nasty surprises either!

Best Luggage Brands For Business Travel #4: For The Frugal

Don’t feel like breaking the bank for one trip? That’s where Samsonite comes in. This is standard luggage fare, complete with wheels.While basic in features, Samsonite is hands down the best bang for your buck. They even come in a variety of colours!

Best Luggage Brands For Business Travel #5: For The Boss

Whether you’re the boss or you’d like to be, Swiss Army’s Victorinox Spectra 2.0 luggage series is right up your alley. All 47 models of the the Spectra 2.0 series are made from 100% pure, scratch-resistant Bayer polycarbonate. Meaning they can take quite a beating and still look professional. Coupled with Swiss Army’s reputation for quality, this is one purchase you’ll be grateful for.


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