Tips for Managing Multiple Business Locations

Feb 27, 2020 | City Guides, Lifestyle & Tips

We know one of the main purposes of every entrepreneur is to make their business grow. In order to achieve this, you probably must start expanding to new locations, this is great news and a big step to take that could also bring demanding tasks. When moving to other cities, even countries, it’s important to make sure you know how to properly manage multiple business locations.

You shouldn’t lose the control and management of daily operations. Here are some tips for managing multiple business locations while expanding your business.


Let’s start with pre-expansion tips


Opening one or a few branch offices is always great news, but also it represents a challenge to you and your employees, especially these ones who will be relocated. As a result, communication may seem harder, but if you try these tips it can help you flow easily.


You have to make sure your current business runs smoothly.
You have to make sure your current business runs smoothly


First of all, you have to make sure your current business runs smoothly. That means your team should be prepared and ready to work in the existing location without having you around all the time.

You probably will have to spend so much time at the new locations, training the new team and employees, monitoring the local manager, and so on. You could not be at the same time in all the locations, so you have to join the qualified and reliable staff in each branch.

To sustain a productive company while managing geographically dispersed employees, follow these steps:


1. Promote or hire good managers


When promoting –or hiring– to manage far-off locations, make sure your candidates can work independently. Your managers must be self-starters. They also need to have the knowledge and confidence to solve challenges, and they must have the ability to work with multicultural teams.

That’s important because you’ll have to lose the reins. Once you´ve hired an optimal team, you have to release control and let team members do their jobs. Forget about micromanaging if you want to boost company productivity. Instead, establish goals and key performance indicators to set them.


2. Use technology to take advantage


Technology makes easier almost every company process. It has made easier than ever to set up multiple offices around the country or the world. You could simplify operations using technology. Make your life and your employees’ lives simpler having the right tools to manage multiple locations.


Make your life and your employees' lives simpler having the right tools to manage multiple locations.
Make your life and your employees’ lives simpler having the right tools to manage multiple locations.


You can find several softwares to have all the knowledge of your company on the same server. You can use cloud-based apps, project management tools, accounting programs, and planning software. Look for a friendly, strong and pointed software that allows you to satisfy basic needs. Make sure your employees know how to use this technology at their best of their habilities.


3. Let’s communication predominate


You need to establish an effective channel of communication. Find the best one for your company, and once you have it, use it. Let your manager know when they have to check-in and when they can handle situations on their own.

If you have a direct and effective communication system, you’ll eliminate redundancy in the messages, instead, they’ll be clear, meaning communication will be assertive. Regular meetings are an invaluable tool to connect with your team and keep a company moving forward. Again, technology can help with that.


You need find an effective channel of communication.
You need find an effective channel of communication.


Find a comfortable accommodation for you and your employees


When promoting managers to lead your new branch, they will have to relocate far from home. So, you’ll be thankful that your employees feel comfortable. Find the perfect accommodation in Canada or any country for them to promote their wellbeing and productivity.

At Corporate Says, we have luxury furnished apartments for business travels and relocations around the world, so your employees can feel at home, you’ll be ease during your meeting with the local manager, and more.

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Managing and sustain a productive business across multiple geographical locations can be a daunting task. But when you follow these tips, you’ll achieve your organizational goals.

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