Going on a business trip soon? Like most travelers, you are probably feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. Whether it’s your first trip, or your hundredth, the odds are that you will be concerned about the same business travel problems. Fortunately, we have put together solutions for handling the most common business travel problems to make your next trip a smooth one.


Business Travel Problem #1: What to Wear?

In an ideal world, you would know exactly what to pack for your trip. However, sometimes dress codes for business travelers can be a tricky issue to navigate. Depending on who you are meeting with, and what your schedule looks like, you could need a variety of different outfits, but with limited packing space.

The best thing to do is to have versatile outfits that be dressed up or down. Using mix and match pieces can also help create additional outfits out of limited items, should your trip be unexpectedly extended. And remember, it is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

Men: It is almost impossible to go wrong with a crisp white shirt, a tie, a blazer, and dress pants. Put together a full suit for your business meetings; a properly fitted dress shirt and dress pants will still look smart in a casual situation.

Women: A nice pair of black pants adds an extra bit of versatility to your wardrobe, especially if they don’t need ironing. Pair them with a blazer and smart shirt for a professional look, or a nice t-shirt and flats for more casual environments.

Business Travel Problem #2: Delays.

Often cited as the most popular business travel problem, delays seem to be an inevitable issue. You may not be able to predict when your delay will occur, and for how long it will be. However, you can plan so that delays will have a minimal effect on your business trip.

Schedule yourself ample buffer time. This is not only important for meetings right after your flights, but is also important for between your meetings. Having a buffer will help to prevent the “domino effect.” If one transfer or meeting runs late, you will not have to worry about cutting the rest of your meetings short. And if none of those delays occur? It really never is a bad idea to have a few minutes to yourself between appointments while traveling.

And while it may seem obvious, please double-check your travel arrangements. Even the best individuals and systems can make mistakes. Checking in advance can help to catch those mistakes, and help avoid the unpleasant sprint through an airport terminal to make your flight on time. Keeping an eye on the weather is also important, as you may be able to predict a delay in advance, and make alternative arrangements just in case.


Business Travel Problem #3: Feeling Disconnected

While you’re away from the office, business is still carrying on. It can be easy to feel disconnected when you’re on the road. However, there are a host of apps and tools designed to keep you connected.

Google Hangouts is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with coworkers throughout the world. You can use the application for audio calls, video calls, and simple chat. Creating a group chat enables different members of the team to participate in a discussion despite the time and geographical distances.

Basecamp is a great project management tool. Keep everyone in the loop with the tasks on each project, without needing to waste hours combing through your inbox. It also has a handy reminder function for upcoming deadlines.

And for frequent travelers, Concur stands out as a wonderful tool to manage your business travel. You are able to document expenses easily with its mobile application, and submit reports on the road. You can also book your travel through the application, enabling you to keep all of your documentation in one easy-to-access place.


Business Travel Problem #4: Life on the Road

Sometimes, one of the most concerning business travel problems is the travel itself. You are in an unfamiliar environment, away from your normal routine, and you still need to perform. However, there are still small things you can do to make anywhere feel like home.

Taking care of yourself is very important. Keeping a travel kit with some essentials, like moisturizer, sunscreen, facial wipes, allergy medicine, and any prescription medicines can help you to be prepared for the unexpected.

Try to keep to your daily routine if you can, including your fitness routine. Jogging is a portable way to stay fit in nice weather; having an indoor fitness center available can also help. But even if there is no gym handy, Youtube channels like Yoga with Adrienne have easy workouts you can enjoy on the road, with nothing but an internet connection.

Booking your stay somewhere with a concierge service can help relieve a lot of the stress of travelling. With a concierge team on call, you will have a local expert available to help you navigate the city, and recommend the top spots for meetings.

Looking for somewhere to book your next business trip? At Corporate Stays, our experienced team will be thrilled to help you find the ideal place to stay, with the right support.



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