Panama City is considered to be one of Central America’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan capitals, with its exciting mixture of fine dining and dance clubs, glass and steel towers and historic buildings.

The best way to get the pulse of the city is by visiting as much of it as possible. Whether it is by taxi, by bus or bike, the possibilities are endless and the result almost the same: the city will make you hopelessly fall in love with it.

If you decide to breathe in the fresh air and admire the city views by bike, you should make sure you choose a safe path, since the streets in Panama City are crowded. For example, you could ride the bike on Cinta Costera – it goes from Plaza Patillia In to Plaza Bolivar. Many visitors suggest not trying riding a bike in Panama City though. The sidewalks are crowded and the streets have lots of curbs, so it might be better to opt for public transport or a taxi.

Taxis are really cheap in Panama City, but don’t forget to ask about the price before getting in, just to make sure. The good thing is that taxi fares in Panama City are negotiable, so if you’re a good negotiator, you might get a better fare. The usual price of a taxi drive should be less than $10, but could increase in case of extra passengers. Also, if you call for a taxi, you’ll have to pay an extra fee. No need to do that though – if you go outside, taxis that are available will honk as they pass you by.

The city also has a very modern and comfortable public transport, so this might still be the best option. In order to travel by MetroBus or Metro, you should buy a RapiPass card. The cards are available at Albrook Bus Terminal and can be charged and recharged in numerous places: grocery stores, retailers and terminals. All the MetroBusses show their destination up front so it shouldn’t be hard to get around.

No matter how you decide to get around Panama city, make sure you make the most of your stay there; it will definitely be worth it.


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