Corporate housing is a fast-growing industry, which means that for many people it is a relatively new concept that has only recently appeared on their radars. For us working day-to-day in the industry, networking, and meeting new customers, we often come across common myths and misconceptions about corporate housing and furnished apartments.

I am sure that as our industry continues to expand, more and more people will become familiar with corporate housing and a lot of this confusion will be cleared up. In the meantime we will continue to explain the nuances of our business to interested parties.

I recently sat down with the Montreal branch of CorporateStays.com and discussed some of the Corporate Housing myths and misconceptions that we come accross most often. I hope that some clarification of these myths will help people to better understand our industry.

# 1 Corporate Housing Apartments are Basically Hotels

Often people expect that we operate exactly like hotels, and that is just not the case. There are many differences, big and small, between what we do, booking long-term stay apartments for corporate clients, and the services of a hotel.

Corporate housing apartments offer a different type of living space, not only with regards to the square footage -offering more space than an average hotel- but also with regards to the experience. Corporate housing apartments are often in strategic, convenient locations, staying in one is more akin to renting an apartment than to staying in a hotel. The difference extends to your neighbors as well, in a hotel you are surrounded by transient visitors rather than other renters, it makes a big difference to the type of experience.

Other differences between hotel stays and corporate apartments are more subtle, like a hotel might offer an in-house restaurant or a continental breakfast -written into the price of course – whereas with a corporate apartment you have a choice of cooking in your own equipped kitchen or visiting a neighborhood cafe or restaurant.

You might have better fitness facilities in a corporate apartment rental, you might have a private balcony, you may have a really amazing view. There are a lot of options when it comes to individual apartments, where a hotel stay tends to be standard, the windows generally do not open, and there just isn’t that much room for individuality or uniqueness in a large hotel.

#2 Corporate Housing Apartments do Not Offer Housekeeping

Many people are pleasantly surprised by the traditional hotel services that are offered with corporate apartments, such as housekeeping and guest services. CorporateStays.com offers  concierge services to their guests, in addition to as excellent guest services and housekeeping.

# 3 We Only House People for Short-Term Stays.

Some people are surprised to learn that the majority of our business is with long-term stays. The reality is corporate apartments often cater to business travelers and employees relocating who will stay from six months to a year, sometimes even for two years or more!

# 4 What the Heck is Relocation?

We are often surprised to find that people do not know is that there is a whole industry behind relocation. Some people have never heard of the word relocation, let alone the industry. I think that this is bound to change, as relocation is becoming more and more prevalent as industries change, technologies advance and the world becomes more of a global village.

In the meantime we will continue to explain to people that relocation is an industry that requires everything from global mobility professionals, HR professionals, corporate housing specialists, to moving and relocation companies to work together moving people around the world to meet the demands of industry, technology, and cultural advancement.

# 5 Isn’t it Cheaper for a Company to Buy and Furnish their own Apartments?

Aspects that are often not considered are housekeeping, guest services, and general upkeep. When you consider the cost of purchasing quality furnishings, which are important if you have a high turnover for the apartment, hiring cleaning personnel, checking your guests in and out, and fixing the occasional leaky sink or broken hinge, the cost savings become negligible.

Some things written into the price of a corporate rental can add up as to both the dollar amount and the amount of work involved. Heating, Electricity, and telecommunication services such as phone, Internet, and Cable can add hefty monthly bills to your overhead, plus waiting in the apartment for these services to be installed or fixed can be a hassle.

Booking a quality furnished apartment assures a level of service, convenience and comfort that will keep your employees productive and feeling right at home during their stay. There are so many reasons why it is better to go with a Corporate Housing Service.


So that is the list that we came up with. Do you ever come across myths and misconceptions about the corporate housing industry? Let us know!

As the relocation and corporate housing industry continues to grow it is important for people to learn more about our industry, and to understand the nuances of services offered, especially since not every service provider is the same. CorporateStays.com is always striving to provide a superior level of standards and services to all our clients worldwide. Come check us out next time you are looking for a long or short term stay in a comfortably furnished apartment in one of our amazing locations across the globe.

-Laurence Montplaisir
Operations Manager, Montreal

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