The Guide You Need Before Your Trip to Brossard

Mar 13, 2020 | City Guides, Lifestyle & Tips

When you relocate to any city, no matter whether short or long term, you need to know some facts about the destination you are going to –especially when it’s for business purposes. You can start on the right foot with this complete guide about general facts of Brossard.

We like giving you the best details before you arrive, including things to do, transportation options, executive rental options in Brossard, and recommendations, so you can live Brossard’s lifestyle as a local.


Get to know Brossard!


Over the past decades, Brossard had transformed itself into a modern city, welcoming people from all over North America and the world. So, you’ll arrive in a truly urban, contemporary and global-minded city.


Brossard is a city for both outdoor lovers and cultural enthusiasts.
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Brossard is a city for both outdoor lovers and cultural enthusiasts. There are so many things to see and do for every taste, from sporting, recreational, cultural and shopping activities. You’ll enjoy a huge offer of commerce and recreation activities offered by the Ville de Brossard to locals and visitors, without having to leave the fully furnished apartment in rent you will be at.


What’s the weather like?


The average weather in Brossard is warm. It’s not so cold and not so hot. It’s partly cloudy all year around. But in the summer, the temperature can rise to 26 °C and in winter it can get as low as -13°C. If you are looking for the best time of the year to visit Brossard, you might want to travel from late June to early September, especially in August, when the temperature is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities.


Local transport


Brossard has a practical and easy to use public transit system. There are two bus terminals with a direct shuttle to Downtown Montreal. So, if you need to move from Brossard to Montreal, you could do it easily by bus, taxy, car or bus.


Brossard has a practical and easy to use the public transit system.
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Take the Longueuil transit system (local bus service) to get to Brossard´s top attractions. It provides bus service in the whole area of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil with 70 bus lines.


Things to do in Brossard


  • Surf at Oasis surf


Oasis surf is the first indoor surfing centre in Canada. It’s a complete recreational center, including playground, bar, restaurants, sales counter conference room and courses. Surf like in the oceans and rivers, or just watch surfers of all levels, while you enjoy different dishes at the restaurant.


Oasis surf is a complete recreational center.
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If surfing is new to you, don’t worry. You don’t need to know how to surf! You can take a course to learn how to surf. The wave is safe and ideal for beginners.


  • Stroll around commercial hubs


Brossard has a great offer of shopping centers to satisfy the needs of even the most selective consumers. Stroll around Quartier DIX30, the first urban lifestyle centre in Canada. There you can find shops, restaurants, gourmet boutiques, performance venues and a variety of offsite events.

Additionally, you’d like to visit Champlain Mall, Place Portobello and Taschereau Boulevard.


Brossard has a great offer of shopping centers to satisfy the needs of even the most selective consumers.
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  • Attend one of the local events


The city has huge activities and events offered by the Ville de Brossard, is promoted by the mayor’s office and the municipal council for the whole year. From sports, art, culture, concerts, exhibitions to business, you can attend different events each week.

At Brossard website you’ll find a complete schedule to plan your free time to attend at least one of the local events, according to your preferences. One of them is free, others must be bought. (you can purchase any event online).


Ville de Brossard offers entertainment activities for the whole year.
Ville de Brossard offers entertainment activities for the whole year.


Where to stay?


Brossard offers a variety of accommodation options, designed to suit the needs of any traveler. At Corporate Stays, we present you the perfect long-term corporate rentals at furnished apartments with luxury services. Our recommended stay: Lumeo, a 9-storey complex situated above a commercial centre in Brossard.

That’s it! Now you just need to pack. We hope all these guides will make your stay in Brossard an extraordinary experience!

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