Luxury is not something reserved for royals and celebrities any more, it’s something accessible to all of us, if we know what to look for. Make these things part of your vacation must-haves and you’ll see the difference immediately:

Service: Often when we go for cheaper options – be it accommodation, eating out, or shopping – the service leaves a lot to be desired. What makes luxury brands stand out is often the excellent product combined with the outstanding service. When booking your hotel or furnished apartment, for example, pay attention to reviews of the service. Ask what the Concierge will be able to do for you, and make sure that even when you’re calling to enquire, you’re given excellent service from the get-go. Because if staff are unhelpful on the phone, they’ll be worse when you get there.

Added extras: Is your accommodation company willing to allow you to bring your pet along? Can they organise a crib, babysitter, and airport pickup for you? Will you find chocolates on your pillow and high-end toiletries in the bathroom? Will you have access to a pool and gym? Free WIFI? These little things are often the difference between a mediocre vacation and a luxurious getaway. Pay attention to what your accommodation offers – you’re looking for more than just a place to sleep.

Location, Location, Location: There’s nothing luxurious about having to walk in the heat for half an hour when you’re accommodation was supposed to be “minutes from the beach” – or needing binoculars to see the Eiffel tower when you were promised that the apartment was “in the heart of Paris”. Check that your hotel or apartment is situated exactly where you need it – whether that’s right next to awesome nightlife, in the middle of the historic neighborhood, or far from the busy downtown. Luxury is not one thing for everyone, but depends on everything being exactly as you hoped, if not better.


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