Undertaking home renovations in Laval or dealing with postponed closing dates can bring about a unique set of challenges marked by disruptions and stress. However, there’s a remedy to ease these difficulties. Corporate Stays understands the complexities of such situations and offers fully furnished apartments in Laval as a reassuring haven. Whether your focus lies on work obligations or family matters, our short-term rentals in Laval transform into your home away from home.

Corporate Housing in Laval

In Need of Accommodation during Home Renovations in Laval?

Transitioning to the need for accommodation during home renovations, it’s evident that the process can evoke a blend of anticipation and stress. The dust, noise, and inconveniences may disrupt your daily rhythm, making it difficult to concentrate on work or enjoy leisure activities.

Corporate Stays recognizes the importance of maintaining a comfortable living environment amidst home renovations. Transitioning to our furnished rental apartments in Laval, they offer a solution to expedite your renovation process, allowing you to bypass daily cleanup hassles and sustain positive relations with contractors.

With fully equipped residences, you can seamlessly continue your daily routines while your house undergoes its much-needed makeover.

Seeking Temporary Housing before Closing Day? Transitioning to the need for temporary housing before closing day, we understand the challenges it presents. Experience unmatched flexibility with our adjustable booking dates and extended-stay discounts. Tailored to your requirements, they ensure peace of mind during transitional periods. Bid farewell to the inconveniences of prolonged hotel stays and embrace the consistent comfort of our furnished rentals in Laval.

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Maintain your Daily Habits During Home Renovation

At Corporate Stays, we share that sentiment. We are committed to providing a homely environment. Our fully equipped studios, apartments, and luxurious penthouses in Laval feature all essential amenities, from fully equipped kitchens and linens to towels, entertainment centers, and ensuite laundry facilities.

Our transparent pricing model ensures you can plan a reliable budget without worrying about hidden fees. With Corporate Stays, enjoy the comforts of home without unexpected expenses, relishing a seamless and cost-effective living experience.

Corporate Stays: Your Reliable Partner in Laval

Transitioning to the reliability of Corporate Stays, opting for our services brings added advantages to enrich your living experience. In our furnished apartments, enjoy the convenience of secure, reserved underground parking, eliminating additional expenses associated with hotel or public garages.

Discover our housing solutions for Home Renovation in Laval

Stay effortlessly connected with secure high-speed wireless internet, a long-distance phone plan, Smart TVs, and other amenities that streamline utility management. Your safety is our top priority, with features like ensuite security systems, 24-hour building security, and attentive concierge staff ensuring a secure and stable living environment for you and your loved ones.

Bedroom in one of our pet friendly apartments in Laval Quebec

Ready to Experience the Comfort and Convenience of Our Short-Term Rentals in Laval?

Count on our round-the-clock Customer Service Support, always available to assist you. Reach out to us for additional information and support. Secure your furnished rental during home renovations, closing delays, or transitional phases between homes.

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