Called simply “The Market” by those in the know, ByWard is a fantastic neigborhood in Ottawa located to the east of the government and business districts, surrounding the market buildings and open-air market on George, York, ByWard and William Streets. If you’re relocating the city and would prefer not to be right downtown, you should definitely check out our ByWard Market Rentals.

The market itself, which is open year-round, is Canada’s oldest continuously operating farmers’ market and you can browse specialty food stores that have been here for over 100 years. In the warmer months, the open-air stalls are packed full of fresh produce, flowers and foodie treats. Venture inside the market building in Winter and you’ll still have plenty of gourmet offerings to choose from! As well as some great gifts to send the folks back home.

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Originally French and Irish

The neighborhood is culturally diverse. And it’s now a typical Canadian melting pot. As seen in the lively variety of restaurants which have sprung up in the area. If you want something cute and Canadian, try the ‘Beavertail’ – fried golden dough topped with everything from cinnamon sugar to banana and chocolate. For dinner, check out Corazon de Maiz for authentic Mexican dishes. And check Blue Cactus for contemporary southwest cuisine. Or maybe, the historic Black Thorn for a cozy bite to eat in the pub, which was once a local carriage builder’s workshop.

The Area is Nothing if not Picturesque

Around the market, five open-air, cobblestone courtyards feature flowers,  park benches, fountains, and sculptures, and street performers often draw crowds. The narrow streets are bustling with restaurants, nightclubs, cafés, and boutiques. So you’ll be entertained from your first coffee of the morning to the last pint of the night. And when you’ve soaked up all that history, culture and cuisine? Why, you just have to roll into bed at your apartment rental nearby. Perfection!

ByWard Market Rentals

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