If you’re relocating to Montreal, you will soon realize the cultural melting pot the city is. Located in the southwest of Quebec, a little over 40 miles from the United States border, Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada.

It splits into various neighbourhoods that can both help to grow your cultural awareness and your business prospects. If you’re relocating to Montreal, here is what you can expect.

Relocating to Montreal: Ville Marie

If you’re new to the city, Ville Marie is what you could call as downtown Montreal. It is the very central business district of Montreal. Here you’ll easily find startups incubators, meeting points or networking events. What appeals the most to business people about this area, however, is its cosmopolitan vibe.

Ville Marie is home to universities, corporate headquarters, and skyscrapers. With easy access to many public transportation options, Downtown Montreal is just a short journey to the touristic Old Montreal and the Quartier Latin. The area also includes important streets such as Saint Catherine Street, Sherbrooke Street, Peel, Crescent, and Maisonneuve which are all hot spots for both business and leisure opportunities.

If you’re looking for things to do, Ville Marie isn’t short of them either. You can visit the  Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, watch a hockey game at Bell Centre, or satiate your hunger at Bistro Elle et Louis.

Relocating to Montreal: Old Montreal

When you’re trying to maintain a work-life balance, having easy access to your office from your home is crucial. If you’re relocating to Montreal, it’s worth setting your sights on the historic Old Montreal. This part of the town is known for its eclectic mix of old and new architecture with a European flair.

Covering 18.5 miles, this part of the city has a wide range of tourist destinations such as the 670-foot skyscraper known as 1000 De La Gauchetière, Théâtre Saint-Denis, and Pointe-à-Callière Museum. You can meander through the souvenir shops, marvel at the beauty of the Notre-Dame Basilica, and benefit from the city centre only a short walk away.

Remember: “location, location, location”. Staying in buildings such as the Mosaique, you’ll be within walking distance from downtown and the old-world charm of Montreal’s Old Port.

Relocating to Montreal: Plateau-Mont-Royal

Whether you’re looking to take care of your business or pleasure interests, you will find Plateau-Mont-Royal ticks all the boxes. Close to our 1009 apartments, this area offers you the chance to escape from the concrete jungle with the beautiful Park la Fontaine, an 84 acres park right in the middle of the borough. So why not take part in the Plateau Food Tour to get a feel for the culture? Or, try upscale food and wine at La Buvette Chez Simone?

You have access to restaurants, café, bars, boutique shops, and more, all within Rue St-Denis as well as Boulevard St-Laurent. Plateau-Mont-Royal is a hive of activity worth your consideration when you’re relocating to Montreal.

Relocating to Montreal: Griffintown

Griffintown is now the trendiest neighbourhood in Montreal. With a vibrant art scene and being in proximity to life’s necessities and cutting-edge contemporary design. Everywhere you look, you’re treated stunning sights of the Lachine Canal, and an exceptional art scene.

You can take advantage of the many pedestrian areas, bike paths, and easily-accessible public transportation. Luxury apartments such as Hexagone are conveniently located in the heart of this area making it easy to live the urban lifestyle and enjoy a plethora of hipe local dines along Rue Notre-Dame Ouest. 

Griffintown is a vibrant, buzzing neighbourhood in Montreal that delivers on creativity and business opportunities. It’s a lively place to call home!

If you are planning to relocate to Montreal,  Corporate Stays has fully furnished apartments in a variety of well located areas. Get in touch with one of our Corporate Housing Specialists today and let us help you relocate in the best way possible! 

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