Team Building in Toronto: Corporate Stays Selection Of Activities

Team building in Toronto is not as challenging as it looks. Although not every manager [...]

The Top 5 Tips For Healthy Travelling

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Discovering Bliss: The Best Kid-Friendly Apartments in Edmonton

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Unparalleled Comfort: Explore Our Exceptional Furnished Apartments in Ottawa

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Ultimate Guide: How to Boost Your Productivity Like a Ninja

The world is moving faster than ever before, with more expected from us in a [...]

Healthy Airport Food: Healthy Eating Options at 4 Canadian Airports

Are you a seasoned traveller who spends more time at high altitudes than on the [...]

Corporate Stays: Premier Housing for Halifax Business Travellers

Corporate Stays has been active since 2008, delving deep into Halifax’s furnished rentals industry, gaining [...]

Home Renovations in Edmonton: Unparalleled Comfort in Transitional Housing

Embarking on home renovations in Edmonton or navigating through delayed closing dates poses distinct challenges, [...]

Seamless Corporate Housing in Ottawa: Elevate Your Business Expansion

Are you currently contemplating the expansion of your business into new locations? We understand the [...]

Film & Production Professionals: Exceptional Lodging in Halifax

Halifax, a vibrant hub for film and live productions, attracts global industry professionals seeking upscale [...]

Seamless Relocation: Immigrating to Ottawa with High-End Furnished Rentals

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Work-Life Balance: Best Ways to Maintain Yours on the Road

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Seamless Living: Your Guide to Relocating to Edmonton with Ease

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A Smarter Choice: 10 Clear Benefits of Short-Term Rentals

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Networking Abroad: Taking Advantage of Your Business Trip

It’s no secret that networking is one of the most crucial business skills anyone can [...]

How to Pack Light for Your Business Trip

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest nuisances of travelling has to be packing and [...] Our CEO’s Travel Hacks

Over the years of handling the business at, I often find myself on a [...]

Indoor Activities in Vancouver from Our Downtown Rentals

Vancouver’s renowned for its stunning outdoor scenery, but what happens when the rain sets in? [...]

Extended Stay in Ottawa: Revel in Unmatched Comfort

Embark on a journey into the world of Corporate Stays, where we’ve consistently defined excellence [...]

5 Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica In 2024

Several years ago, CorporateStays proudly announced its expansion into Central America, marked by the introduction [...]

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