As the business capital of Canada, it is very likely that you will travel to Toronto on business. It is also highly possible that you will be relocating to Toronto at some point in your career.


Toronto is one of the largest economic centres in North America; it can be a daunting shift, even from other major cities such as Montreal or Vancouver. To better help you navigate Canada’s largest city, we have compiled an essential neighbourhood guide for relocating to Toronto.

Toronto is a large city; the first step in relocating will be choosing where in Toronto you would like to stay. At Corporate Stays, we know three neighbourhoods that stand out especially for people relocating to Toronto. Three boroughs fit our profile. Harbourfront, Downtown West, and City Plaza are all conveniently located, with thriving business communities, and plenty of entertainment options.

Relocating to Toronto – Harbourfront

First up is Harbourfront, Toronto’s playground by the water. The developments are so new it has been largely slept on by non-Torontonians. in recent months, however, the waterfront properties have begun attracting tourists from around the country.
Stretching from Bathurst to Jarvis Street, it isn’t uncommon to see locals biking by the water. There is a multitude of ways to entertain yourself in Harbourfront, from skating rinks and parks to kayaking and cooking classes!
While shopping may not be as consistent as it is in the rest of the city’s sprawl, you will still find a fair share of boutiques, shops, galleries, and restaurants. You will also be pleased to find that a three story grocery store, pharmacy, and retail complex are within walking distance of our Waterclub and Maple Leaf Square buildings.

Relocating to Toronto – Downtown West

Downtown West is what comes to mind when most people talk about “The Six.” It is a lively area with thriving businesses and is the most populated part of Toronto. This is because it is located directly where the Entertainment, Fashion, and Financial districts meet: creating a thriving urban centre.


Getting to meetings is easy when you are right beside the Financial District. You will be able to either walk or take public transportation to many of your meetings. Your entertainment options are also plentiful. You can watch the Toronto Symphony Orchestra play in Thompson Hall, or head over to the Rogers Centre to cheer for the Raptors, Blue Jays, or the Maple Leafs. With world class shopping centres right around the corner, you will always be able to find just what you need.
When it comes to food, Toronto is known for its impeccable selection of international cuisine. In particular, its Asian and East Asian restaurants deserve some attention. There are a variety of options right by our University Plaza, Qwest, and 300 Front Street West buildings. We highly recommend taking your palate on a culinary tour!


Relocating to Toronto – City Place

Are you looking for an environment that caters to the professionals of Toronto? Look no further than City Place.

It is located just west of the city centre. Enjoy a work hard / play hard lifestyle while enjoying a quieter neighbourhood than the busy downtown core.
You won’t have to go far to have some fun in this neighbourhood.  An 8-acre park is located in the heart of the neighbourhood. It is a lovely oasis in the middle of a well-connected urban centre. Residents of our 15 Iceboat and 35 Mariner buildings can also enjoy an outdoor public art gallery nearby, featuring many art installations and sculptures.
Best of all, you will be within walking distance of Toronto’s famous Entertainment District! The Rogers Centre is perfect for sports and music fans. Chinatown has some of the best food in the city. Shopping is a breeze at CF Toronto Eaton Centre, with a plethora of shops to suit your every need.



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