How to Plan the Ultimate Urban Escape

Get away from it all, right in the city. Plan your own urban escape! For those days when you feel like it’s been too long since your last vacation, consider taking a day to yourself, right in the city you are staying in. No need for palm trees and white sand, you can plan a relaxing break for yourself right in the city with our easy tips for planning your next urban retreat.

Allow yourself to unplug

Consider giving yourself the gift of one day without your phone, email, or social media. If it is at all possible to leave them at home and go out and explore the city, you might be surprised by how much of a benefit you get from one day unconnected. You would consider turning your phone off if you were on vacation, why not take a mini-vacation by leaving work at work?

Have a Spa Day

It’s easy to find a day spa in the city you are in. Why not book yourself an appointment for massage or reflexology? It’s a great way to unwind. If you don’t feel like going all the way out to a spa, why not find a jacuzzi or steam room? If you are staying in a CorporateStays.com furnished apartment, chances are your building has some wonderful fitness and relaxation facilities to enjoy, call us to find out more.

Explore your city

Give yourself a day or a couple of hours to see something of interest to you. You might want to check out the exhibit at the local museum, or what’s happening at one of the theatres, or perhaps take yourself out to that new restaurant that you’ve been hearing about. No matter the season, there is always so much going on around you that you never seem to have time to take part in, so take a day and check out the city you are in!

Whether you’re looking for relaxation on your business trip, or taking a bit of a “staycation” in your own city, creating your very own urban retreat is just the ticket for a little R+R!

Photo by Petit_Louis via Flickr

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