Back in August, we wrote about our exciting new initiative, One Percent For A Roof, whereby 1% of all partners’ sales goes towards giving people in under-developed countries better housing options. We hope to set an example for others in the corporate housing industry. Because, while 1% of our profit goes a long way, 1% of the entire industry can change many lives in impoverished nations around the world.

Here are just a few of the recent projects and families One Percent for A Roof has helped.

When Amarelisa’s wooden stilt house needed fixing her husband and she did the best they could. For a while her husband’s carpentry skills got them by, but after they lacked the resources to keep building. Nails and wood, the building blocks of her house improvement took the backseat to food for her children. The city of the Bilwi offered little in employment. Yet a modest $400 loan has given Amarelisa a new lease on life and a new home for her and her family.

In the impoverished city of Solola, Guatemala, Lucia had been working on the construction on her family’s home for nearly a year, but the high cost of materials and low wages in her city meant an unfinished home. Rooms exposed to the elements caused her family great distress. Her children’s school grades were affected due to poor sleep quality. Her husband would find himself getting sick more frequently as a result of a lower immune system. With a $750 loan, that she has already begun to pay back, not only was Lucia able to return her family’s lives to normal – she can guarantee them a better future.

From a young age, Johana who is now 33 years old, carefully watched her mother’s meticulously work away on their family’s sewing machine. Day in and day out, her mother would sew clothes for Johana’s younger siblings. One day, Johana sought sewing lessons from her mother to better serve herself through life. Little did she know that day would forever change the course of her life. Johana now produces beautiful bedsheets, lustrous curtains, and repairs tarnished clothing for locals in her village. Yet despite her best efforts, Johana was unable to provide a suitable bathroom for her children. The loan she has received has afforded her stone, sand, cement, and ceramic – the essentials of construction and better housing options.

Join CorporateStays.com Team on Kiva with One Percent for a Roof today.


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