What’s worse than back-to-back meetings, noisy hotel room neighbours and an unbearably long and completely unanticipated airport layover? Back-to-back meetings, noisy hotel room neighbours, long airport layover and the sniffles. Most of us agree that a business trip is by far the most inconvenient occasion to get sick; you can’t bundle up in bed and throw yourself a pity party because you’ve got to attend a meeting before rushing off to the airport to catch a flight back home. Can’t catch a break, huh?

The good news is that it is possible to avoid getting ill in the first place. A little precaution and good habits will go a long way. Here are some tips to help you beat the bug.

Standard Vaccines and Medications

Before you get going, make sure your health is in order. It doesn’t hurt to get a routine check up ahead of the trip. It also gives you a chance to finally get that flu shot you’d been avoiding. You should also stock up on Vitamin C, pain relievers, and antibiotics in case you do fall victim to a nasty bug.


Rule number one: hydrate at all times! Water is your first line of defense and the easiest way of flushing toxins and helping boost your immune system. Be careful of unfiltered water though, and stick to bottled water during your trip- your stomach might rebel against the foreign bacteria found in the local water.  

Hand Sanitizer

The most powerful weapon in your arsenal is the lowly, but essential sanitizer. Good hand hygiene is key to halting the spread of infection and can greatly lower the risks of catching unwelcome diseases. Use it liberally!

Food Contamination

It goes without saying: don’t eat anything that isn’t fresh or isn’t properly cooked. In addition, avoid any raw vegetables and buffets, and order your steaks well done if you want to avoid any gastrointestinal problems during your travel. Better yet? Stay at home in your fully furnished apartment and whip up your favorite meal with ease thanks to your own personal kitchen. 

Sun Protection

Intense heat is more dangerous than you’d expect, and a serious concern when you’re abroad. Sunscreen and a hat are your best friends when visiting a hot country. They provide protection from dehydration and heatstroke, which can turn into a real emergency if left unattended.

Getting sick is a part of everyday life, and travelling exposes you to new environments and more bugs. Once you’re done combating physical sickness, make sure you take care of any home sickness by booking your own home away from home!

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