The increasing prevalence of globalization and cheaper-than-ever travel has caused the location of jobs to shift dramatically. Companies are not restricted anymore to hiring and pursuing talents within their cities. They can save money Relocating Employees thanks to Corporate housing. In the same respect, the individual might want to relocate to another city to explore further career opportunities.

Either way, the need for temporary, long-term housing for them and their families is a massive part of this process. It can often be a confusing and stressful situation. It is not enough to merely find someplace to live. A comfortable, convenient, and functional residence is necessary for any traveling employee or job seeker.

Not only does it ease the stress of moving to a new location, but it can help individuals explore their city, increase productivity, and ward off homesickness. Luckily, a simple and cost-effective solution is now for finding temporary housing.

Corporate Stays Corporate Housing Toronto

CorporateStays: Your Premier Solution for Relocating Employees

CorporateStays is at the forefront of corporate housing, providing you and your employees with handpicked luxury properties at the best rates. A cheaper and more practical alternative to hotels, we offer a variety of fully furnished apartments, condos, suites, lofts, and studios globally. Wherever you need to relocate, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s Vancouver, New York City, Miami, or elsewhere, we offer our services at most of the central business hubs of the world.

In all locations, CorporateStays provides the same excellent service for their guests. As the recipients of the Consumer’s Choice Award 2016 for Greater Montreal, we are committed to customer satisfaction and the absolute comfort of your employee’s relocation. Need more clarification on what’s suitable for you? Our multilingual housing representatives are available around the clock for consultation on the ideal location for your place of work.

All our residences are in central and strategic areas with their cities, allowing anyone to explore their surroundings and commute to work quickly. We are committed to providing quality, localized services for every business traveler.

Luxury Living and Convenience: CorporateStays’s Commitment to Excellence

Employees and their families will relish the advantages of a furnished apartment in their new city. Other than being a cost-effective and conveniently located residence, CorporateStays apartments are all impeccably designed and decorated. Created with the high-end business traveler in mind, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having your own fully equipped kitchen, expansive living space, and state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips. We designed every space to be a modern, spacious living space for the ultimate luxury experience, with handpicked decor and color schemes. Paired together, you won’t find a better place when it comes to relocating employees!

All suites features by CorporateStays

All-Inclusive Amenities

Full kitchen, laundry facilities, concierge services, and more! Having the option of dining in and making your own meals saves you time and money from going to pointlessly expensive restaurants.

We include the latest technologies in all our apartments. In fact, we know what business travelers need. This is why we equipped all our furnished rentals with the latest appliances such as Bose and Nespresso machines, not to mention our high-speed internet. Step outside the apartment and find the convenience of our building amenities. Our furnished rentals often feature 7-day front desk services, indoor parking, fitness centers, whirlpool jacuzzis, and pools.

Convenient Locations

Always located in central and easily accessible neighborhoods, every apartment is in desirable spots within your chosen city. There’s no need to guess where the best place to be – we’ve got that all taken care of.

Larger Living Spaces

As opposed to hotel spaces, our furnished apartments provide you not only with more rooms but with larger living spaces. Instead of trying to cramp everything into a tiny area, revel in the comfort of a more private and spacious experience to work in.

Superior Customer Service and Perks

Our team is dedicated to making your stay perfect. Whether you need airport transfers, babysitting, or special requests, we’re here to maximize your satisfaction. All guests are also eligible to sign up for our CLUB membership, which offers exclusive deals and discounts to our valued customers. Get points while you travel for business and use them up for all your vacations!


You’re saving money not only on your accommodations but also on the unnecessary costs that vacations usually come with. With hotel rooms, you are forced to continually go out to expensive restaurants with no options to make your meals. Reduce costs by cooking food in your kitchen, having your laundry machines, and more!

Whether you’re traveling alone, with a family, or in a group, or need for relocating employees, CorporateStays has housing options to suit any budget, style, or need. Living in what substantially feels like your home creates freedom and independence wherever you go. Corporate Stays taks care of all the essentials, allowing you and your employees to focus on their work worry-free.

Discover the advantages of waking up in a natural home and begin any travel right with a CorporateStays apartment!

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