Calgary is a Canadian city located in the southern part of the province of Alberta. This city has approximately 1,300,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area being the largest city in the central-western region of Canada. Although it is not the capital of the province of Alberta, Calgary is the most important city in the economic, educational, and cultural areas of the province. More and more people are finding opportunities that lead them to move to this city. Therefore,  today we tell you everything you need to know about living in Calgary.

An Overview of Calgary 

Calgary has many aspects that make it an ideal city to live in. Among them are safety, employment opportunities, multiculturalism, nightlife, and tranquility. In addition, the city is surrounded by majestic landscapes, natural parks, art, and lots of fun.

Thus, if you want to live and study in Calgary, reading this blog is your first step. We will explore the main reasons why you should consider Calgary as a great alternative when choosing which Canadian city you want to visit, live or study in. We advise you to read all our sections to get a good idea in order to make the best decision.

The Weather in Calgary

It is a fact that Canada has very cold and long winters. However, it should be clarified that not all provinces experience winter in the same way nor the same temperatures.

In western provinces such as Prince Edward, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Quebec, winters tend to be very harsh, with lots of snow and freezing winds. On the other hand, Calgary is located in the province of Alberta, which in turn is located in western Canada. Although in winter, snowfalls and strong winds blow in this province, this winter experience does not compare for an instant with that of the west coast.

The last two weeks of January and the first two weeks of February, are the coldest of the year. At this time, the temperatures can drop to 10 or 15 degrees below zero. Although these temperatures seem frightening for the people from the tropics, they are actually very bearable for the average Canadian.

Accommodation in Calgary: The Best Neighborhoods


The Calgary Beltline has much to offer those who choose to live there. It is a comfortable, accessible area with plenty of culture and entertainment. It is an ideal place for city people who love living in the downtown area. Walkability is another great advantage of living in Beltline, furthermore, the neighborhood is full of restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and many other amenities at your fingertips.

East Village 

East Village is a lively neighborhood that connects city life with nature. It’s full of delicious eateries, bars, shops, galleries, and music venues. Some of the neighborhood’s landmarks include the National Music Centre, New Central Library, and Studio Bell. East Village is located next to the waterfront as well. The RiverWalk path follows the Bow River and leads to St.Patrick’s Island which is full of trails, wetlands, and a fishing cove.

Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary is a neighborhood that offers a variety of cultural attractions and historical sites to pique the interest of any tourist. Among these landmarks are the Devonian Botanical Gardens, which house seasonal exhibits, and the historic Burns Building. Downtown Calgary also offers many fun sites and activities for the young and lively at Prince’s Island Park, where outdoor festivals are held. On the other hand, there is the Olympic Plaza and Millennium Park for winter sports lovers.


This aging southeastern community is filled with parks, trails, and quiet suburbs. This is the perfect place to settle down and enjoy simple living with your family. Although this area is primarily suburban, it has a good amount of wildlife sightings with Carburn Park nearby. Located near the Bow River, you can take a walk across a footbridge to reach other parts of the city.


Inglewood is recognized as Calgary’s oldest neighborhood. It is located across the Elbow River and Fort Calgary. This neighborhood is known for being the shopping and arts district, in addition to having a Bird Sanctuary and an urban wildlife refuge. In addition to these attractions, Inglewood is also home to the Calgary Zoo and many nature reserves. If you’re in the mood for an eccentric neighborhood, you’ll feel right at home here, as it’s a hub of art and talent. Inglewood also offers more than 100 boutiques, restaurants, and other fun festivals to enjoy alone, with friends, or with family.

Cost of Living in Calgary 

Living and studying in Calgary is not as expensive as you might think. In fact, compared to other cities in other Canadian provinces, Calgary is an affordable city for both students and newcomer workers.

If you live in a middle-class neighborhood, commute to work or school by public transportation, cook at home, and have moderate miscellaneous expenses, you can live in Calgary on the money you receive through your 20-hour workweek.

Furnished apartments

If you plan to stay for a more extended period for work or leisure in Calgary, Corporate Stays can offer you a range of furnished apartments. Those are located in exclusive areas which great access to make you feel comfortable and at home. In addition, Corporate Stays Signature Collection buildings have various luxury amenities to make you enjoy your stay to the fullest. Get in touch with one of our advisors or visit our Corporate Stays website to know all the variants such as prices, unit types, amenities of the building, locations, and much more.

Working in Calgary

  • Be of legal age. In Calgary, this means being over 18 years old.
  • If you are not from Canada, you must have a visa that allows you to work. If you want to work in Calgary, a tourist visa will not be enough. Of all the visas for Canada, the best alternative you have is the student visa that allows you to study and work in Canada for the duration of your study program (as long as you do not study an English course). You can also apply for the Working Holiday Visa or apply for a work permit such as the Open Work Permit.
  • Have the necessary permits to work in your sector. This means that if you are going to work in certain sectors, you will need to obtain additional licenses. For example, to handle food or sell liquor in the hospitality industry, you will require specific certifications.
  • Speak English. Since Calgary is an English-speaking city

Fall in love with your new city

Discover Calgary to the fullest with our Corporate Stays Calgary City Guide. This wonderful city has many activities to make you enjoy and love your stay. Take advantage of the multicultural lifestyle, the delicious gastronomy, the art, and the events and fall in love with Calgary. At Corporate Stays, we will take your experience to another level and give you all the information you need to make the most of your trip.

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