Are you going to celebrate July 1st in Canada this year? In this celebration Canadians throng the streets, taking advantage of the rising temperatures, to commemorate Canada’s autonomy from Great Britain in 1867. The truth is that no city is left out of this celebration, but the Canadian capital city of Ottawa takes the cake. Ottawa hosts the official ceremony and celebrations on the lawns of the national parliament buildings. On the other hand, Montreal and Toronto host some of the country’s most significant parades.

All celebrations have a patriotic character. The streets are full of Canadian flags and many people paint their faces red and white.

Ceremony in Ottawa

The celebration kicks off with a traditional military parade in the city of Ottawa. This official ceremony is one of the mandatory appointments for any Canadian or tourist that want to celebrate the first of July. Many people attend or watch on television this ceremony in which prominent representatives of the government of the day participate.

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The Protagonists of the Party

The Canadian Army also gain prominence through an impressive aerial parade offered by the so-called Snowbirds. The acrobatic team of the Canadian Air Force does an amazing show that will blow your mind. To close the ceremony,  some of the national artists of the moment offer musical performances both in English and French-speaking.

Enjoy Gastronomy During the Holidays

the national holiday, every July 1, becomes a perfect occasion to spend the day outdoors.

With the beginning of summer, Canadians take advantage of the national holiday to gather in the parks and gardens of the cities. In these places, you can find community meals and all kinds of fun activities.

Barbecues are another thing you’ll see a lot of on July 1st. Families, friends, and couples come out to enjoy the sun and eat a good hamburger.

Enjoy the National Parks

Taking advantage of the national holidays, many Canadians decide to spend the day in the countryside.

If you decide to go to a National Park, you are sure to find it full of families picnicking. In the parks, you will be able to feel the whole atmosphere. There are usually activities for children and adults, food carts, paintings, and much more for you to enjoy this day to the fullest.

National Parades

If you want to breathe the air of patriotism, the parades are without a doubt the best option. Here you will find costumes, music, orchestras, food, activities, dances, shows, and much more. The main cities where you will see parades are Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec. It’s up to you to choose where you are going to experience this wonderful show.


Finally, the cherry on the cake is the fireworks show on July 1st. Wherever you are in Canada you will be able to find the time and place of this show. It usually happens downtown so everyone can see them. This event has become a tradition to celebrate and commemorate July 1st.

Take advantage of this holiday season and immerse yourself in Canadian culture. This is a wonderful way to enjoy Canada’s summer, culture, art, and festivities.

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