Saint John is not only the largest city in New Brunswick, but also the province’s only city on the Bay of Fundy. Mixing urban charm with coastal beauty, this Maritime destination is sure to please culture hounds and nature lovers alike.

Reversing Falls

Behold the amazing natural phenomenon of Reversing Falls, created by the collision of the Bay of Fundy’s monstrous tides and the mighty St. John River. At low tide, the Saint John River empties into the Bay through a narrow gorge, while high tide reverses the flow of the river. Get a bird’s eye view of the waves and whirlpools that result from nature’s tug-of-war at Fallsview Park.

Hopewell Rocks

Towering between 40 and 70 feet tall, The Hopewell Rocks are astounding natural rock formations caused by tidal erosion. As the tides drop in the Bay of Fundy, walk along the beach to explore the so-called Flowerpot Rocks. Return during high tide to glimpse the rocks now almost fully submerged by the highest tides on Earth.

Saint John City Market

Saint John City Market is the oldest continuing farmer’s market in Canada and a National Historic Site. Serving up the best food in town, shop with the locals for fresh meat, handmade crafts, and a great cup of coffee.

Stonehammer Geopark

Stonehammer Geopark invites visitors to explore the geological stories locked in St. John’s landscape. Explore waterfalls and caves on foot or by kayak, rock climb on 554 million year old lava rock, or zipline across the highest tides in the world. With this unbeatable combination of history, nature, and adventure, there’s something for everyone at the Geopark.

New Brunswick Museum

Visit the New Brunswick Museum, Canada’s oldest continuing museum, for a comprehensive natural history of the province. Offering interactive activities involving New Brunswick’s forestry, military and shipbuilding roots, the museum also features an exquisite collection of historical furnishings and artworks. Don’t miss the impressive full-size whale skeletons in the Hall of Whales!

Irving Nature Park

Just minutes from downtown Saint John lies an incredible nature retreat along the Bay of Fundy coastline. Irving Nature Park is a 600-acre peninsula of volcanic rock and forest, nestled between the ocean and tidal salt marsh. Hike through the park’s trails to get a glimpse of this precious ecosystem full of migratory and marine birds and primordial forest. Boardwalks, picnic sites, and lookout points offer a prime view of the park’s rugged beauty.

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