Heading to Quebec City on business is a great time. Not only is it a beautiful place with a rich history, it’s also been steadily growing as a modern day business hub. So, to make sure you’re prepared and to help you make the most of your trip, here are five essential business travel insights to Quebec City.

Business Travel Insights For Quebec City #1: Plan Ahead

One unfortunate compromise to Quebec City is that the history and quaint architecture comes at the price of a hefty walk between places worth visiting. It also means that, while you’ll still find Starbucks, a substantial amount of coffee spots, restaurants and other shops that are locally and family run. This means they often set their own hours and are sporadically placed. So make sure to know where you plan on meeting your clients and book any reservations in advance. The last thing you want is a coffee shop that is closed on Mondays!

Business Travel Insights For Quebec City #2: Parlez-vous Francais?

Quebec has a reputation for not being the friendliest to anglophones, or anyone who doesn’t speak the language of the province – French. However, in Quebec City this is quite the opposite. While you’ll still find few who might be put off by your lack of linguistic mastery, most will be absolutely serve you in English. It isn’t crucial, but knowing a few basic words in French will delight the Francophones of Quebec that you’re putting in an effort, and can result in them going the extra mile to help you out!


Business Travel Insights For Quebec City #3: Use The Tools

Back in 2013, Quebec established the Québec City Business Destination to bolster business travel. It’s been successful at drawing the attention of business travellers to Quebec City on an international scale. It also offers a wealth of resources to get you on the right track, all courtesy of Quebec City’s tourism association. Check them all out, right here.


Business Travel Insights For Quebec City #4: Dress To Equate

It’s no secret that Quebec City is not the bustling city centre you would find in Toronto or New York. Life moves at a slower pace here, and that extends to the business world as well. This lifestyle is often expressed through clothing as well, whether it be a casual lunch meeting or a more formal dinner, dress to match your clients. Overdressing can be as hindering as underdressing. So  make sure you get a good read on your client before leaving your CorporateStays apartment. And bundle up! Winters can be particularly cold.


Business Travel Insights For Quebec City #5: Take It All In

Believe it or not Quebec City is a big travel destination for locals and tourists alike! It is one of the oldest, most well-preserved cities in North America – and with great history comes great entertainment. Simply walking around Old Quebec is enough to make your day, but if you’re looking for more, Tripadvisor has a great list of things to check out during your stay! And knowing even the slightest bit about the city might give you an edge with a local client.

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