1. More Space: A furnished vacation home gives on average more than 1,000 square feet of livable space. By comparison, hotel rooms are usually tiny with an average of 325 square feet according to VRBO.
  2. Cost Effective: Furnished rentals are almost always more affordable than hotels. Take New York, for example. The average nightly rate for a hotel room in Manhattan is $277 not including taxes. A furnished apartment solution on the island averages $200/night, not a huge difference, but when considering how much more space you’ll be getting and the cost of eating out three times a day with the average New York meal costing 40$, the fully-equipped kitchen can be significantly important adding to the value of rental!
  3. Freedom: Staying in a hotel, you have no choice but to conform to its schedule for meals, housekeeping, fitness facilities, etc. In a furnished apartment accommodation. You can get out of bed when you please. Use the treadmill, go a for a swim, when its convenient for you. Eat breakfast (or have a nightcap, for that matter) when your stomach demands it.
  4. Pet Friendly: To find hotels that will accommodate your four-legged family member can be a chore to find. Furthermore, pet friendly suites are typically much more expensive and are ironically situated in the less desirable parts of the hotel complex. In some cases, the rooms themselves are typically not as well kept as the rest of the suites in the building.
  5. No hidden fees: When you book a furnished apartment from CorporateStays.com, you’re cutting out all middlemen because we own and operate our properties independently. That means you know exactly what your stay includes and exactly how much it will cost. There are no surprise fees for parking, internet, pool towels,etc.
  6. All the comforts of home: Furnished apartments are designed to feel like your home away from home. They usually include all the things you’d have in your house, full-sized appliances, complete sets of dishes, cable, internet and even game consoles. Laundry facilities are always great to have easy access too. These kinds of amenities can make your stay much more comfortable – especially if you’re travelling with family or for an extended period of time due to business.
  7. Kids are guests, too: Most hotels aren’t equipped to cater to families or large groups of friends travelling together. Between the expenses of eating out and having to book two (or more) hotel suites to accommodate everyone, you can reach your budget before you even get to your destination. Fortunately, it’s easy to find furnished properties customized to satisfy all your hospitality needs. In addition to the essentials (plenty of beds, linens, bathrooms, towels and televisions etc..), you can save a bundle by having at least some of your meals at home.
  8. Privacy: Most people like having their own space, hotel rooms are slightly more inviting than the average baggage claim area at a major airport or shopping mall. Maids coming and going, thin walls, elevators, noise, crowded pools etc …, All those irritating factors are taking into consideration at our properties and they don’t apply with CorporateStays.com !
  9. It’s a “Client is King” marketplace: There is a lot of competition for your dollars and many corporate housing companies explore and exhaust all avenues to entice you, unlike hotels who are usually comfortable with their presence on the market. It’s not unusual to find furnished homes that feature the latest game console, large screen televisions with hundreds of channels, gourmet kitchens, luxury linens, vouchers for local attractions and more !
  10. More than just an overpriced Ocean-View suite: If you want a truly unique yet standardised getaway? Furnished properties give you access to a world of one-of-a-kind opportunities. Have you ever dreamed of staying in a traditional snow covered ski cottage overlooking a beautiful mountain in Mont Tremblant, Quebec ! An ocean front condo on south beach in Miami? A beautiful suite in the prestigious Champs Elysee neighborhood in Paris? A luxurious city-view penthouse, the highest residential space in Montreal, Canada? Well, stop dreaming and start your adventure. All of these once-in-a-lifetime accommodations, and many more are just a few clicks away at CorporateStays.com !

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