For us, giving back is about positively impacting the natural environment, as well as protecting the communities that surround each property. 1% of all Corporate Stays sales go towards social responsbility projects. Our Reforesteration and Protection Program supports destroyed and impoverished communities across Central and South America.





Reserve your stay with us


1 % of your booking goes to our fund


We purchase deforested land

Conserve land by reforesting it


Build eco-friendly lodges


Provide jobs to local communities

Responsibility Projects

Saboga Lodge

Saboga Lodge was one of Corporate Stays’ initial responsbility projects. The funds to build the eco-friendly lodge came directly from 1% of Corporate Stays sales. There are 3 main pillars that describe Saboga Lodge’s accountatibility.

Conservation, Culture and Community. At Saboga we conserve the environment by respecting the wildlife and nature around us. We educate our guests on cultural and sustainability matters. 

Embera Collection

Embera Collection

The Embera Collection is a hospitality group comprising eco-friendly luxury boutique hotels, lodges and resorts throughout Panama and Latin America. Our properties ensure the preservation of the ecosystem of which they surround.