The Perfect Montreal Activities If Your Young At Heart

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Canada, City Guides, Montreal

If ‘age’ is just a number to you and you’re the kind of person who loves nothing more than to fill their vacation with crazy, silly, off-the-beaten track activities then you’re gonna love Montreal – and this list! It’s also pretty helpful if, you know, you have actual children….!

 iSaute Trampoline Gym

Fitness freaks and those who avoid the gym like the plague all love iSalute Trampoline Gym, one of those great places you can get a workout without noticing. Located in Laval (15 mins drive from downtown Montreal), the 20,000 square foot indoor trampoline park allows you to leap, bound and soar to your heart’s content. Think of a combo between crossfit, cardio and trampolines, oh, and if you’ve always dreamed of doing a slam-dunk, you’re in luck – they have basketball nets you can bounce right up to!

Arnold Paintball Field

Looking for something a little more challenging? This paintball company offers an old “far west” village setup, with an indoor and an outdoor field, a multitude of 2 floor buildings, bridges, a mountain and caverns to bring out the adventurer in you. Even better if you’re in Montreal with friends, and if you’re on a bdget – Sunday evenings at the indoor field are just $10!


This is a great option if you have older kids with you in Montreal, especially if it’s raining, as this is a covered track.  The field has a concrete surface for a high speed driving experience and the layout of the tracks are designed to really push your response times…! And if you’re in Montreal on a business trip – this is the perfect evening out with adventurous colleagues.

Indoor Surfing

Ok, so Montreal’s not exactly known for it’s great waves, but Maeva Surf in Laval offers the next best thing. The place features a double FlowRider that offers a three-in one action sport kindof like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding all at once. So even if it’s freezing over outside, you can throw on a bikini or boardshorts and surf to your heart’s content.

Skydiving for beginners 

Wanna jump out of a plane but, well, just haven’t worked up the courage yet? Well, you don’t have to fall from 13 000  feet to experience the sensation of free-fall – this amazing company has a huge vertical wind tunnel onsite, where you can feel what it’s like to drop to earth at 200km per hour! It’s safe and fun for really little kids too, but don’t let that put you off – they pump up the pressure for adults, and it really is a totally unique thrill.


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