Traveling frequently for work can become quite expensive rather quickly. If you’re trying to minimize corporate expenses on your business trips, you’ll have to make a concerted effort to plan the details of your travel itineraries well in advance of your departure date.
When it comes to lodging, it’s easy to settle for the most convenient option, regardless of price. While you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons on your own, searching for your own private corporate apartment rental will help you take your business travel to the next level.
If you travel for business very often and feel bothered by the restrictions of having to stay in hotels everywhere you go, you should consider researching private rentals in the cities you frequent. If you’re looking for ways minimize your business travel expenses, here are a few simple tips:

Stay Away from Touristy Restaurants

Restaurants that are packed with out-of-towners are often more expensive and offer less quality dining than their smaller, local counterparts. If you’re staying in your own CorporateStays apartment, ask the locals in your building for dining suggestions. Restaurants that are filled with locals tend to serve better food for a lower price. 

Shop Local and Cook your Own Meals

If you’re renting your own fully-furnished apartment for your business stays, you’ll have the freedom to cook your own meals, or even invite important clients over for a home-cooked meal rather than going out to eat. Shopping in bulk and cooking at home will almost always prove to be cheaper than consistently eating out on your business trips.

Stop Using Travelers Checks

By utilizing ATMs rather than going through the hassle of writing travelers checks, you’ll get the cash you need cheaper and faster. Although ATMs offer the best rates, most will also come with transaction fees, so make an effort to plan your expenses and minimize these fees by making a few large withdrawals instead of many small ones. Purchase a money belt to store your cash safely.

Explore Budget Airlines

Flying for work can really ramp up your company’s total business expenses. If you need to visit a few relatively close cities in Canada, for example, it makes sense to explore smaller, cheaper airlines when flying between these cities. It really doesn’t make sense to fly on a 747 for an hour-long flight when you can most likely find cheaper, commuter rates on a smaller plane.

Research Alternative Transportation Options

Especially if you’re primarily traveling and working in large cities, you might not have any need for a rental car. Researching your destinations’ transportation options can help you save money by planning to navigate public transportation rather than paying the expensive daily rates offered by most rental car companies.

When travelling for business, it pays, literally, to watch your travel expenses carefully. Regardless of where you’re traveling, these tips can help you minimize what you spend on business travel every year. If you’re interested in finding your own private apartment or condo rental for your next trip, be sure to learn more about the expert services offered by CorporateStays.

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