Business meetings in Toronto might be a constant part of your life. Toronto is a dynamic metropolis that receives business people from around the world on a regular basis. With breathtaking skyscrapers, beautiful parks, gardens, and scenery to the famous CN Tower, Toronto is the perfect place to stage a meeting or host new clients.

Take note of these top five tips for hosting successful business meetings in Toronto.

Business Meetings in Toronto: Dress to Impress

It’s a well-known fact that first impressions count. While that tux may have worked at your wedding, it’s a little overboard for a business meeting.

Fortunately, Toronto local shops are well-versed in catering to business people needs. They offer a range of stunning and striking outfits that will impress everyone you meet. For example, if you visit King Street West, you will come across Harry Rosen, a prestigious men’s clothing store which only stocks the best suits, shirts, and ties, that money can buy. For women, Options For Her on Cumberland Street will also ensure you’re ready to attend that business meeting in Toronto in style.

No matter who you are meeting, one basic rule should be adhered to. This is not the city to be trying your more high-fashion looks; save that for Montreal. Stick to a more traditional look when travelling to Toronto for business.

Business Meetings In Toronto Dress

Business Meetings in Toronto: Don’t Settle for Less When It Comes to Accommodation

A good location is one of the keys to success! Being a few blocks away from your meeting spot means you get more time to prep beforehand. It also means that if you lose track of time, you’ll be in way less of a rush, and cutting down on any stress can only help your business game.

Sometimes you need to save money on accommodation, but you don’t have to do it at the expense of your comfort. Instead, you can have handpicked furnished apartments by doing a bit of research on your options. Staying with a corporate housing provider such as the Iceboat building, for example, you will start the day fresh after a decent night’s rest, plus you have access to amenities that will make you enjoy the urban lifestyle.

Business Meeting In Toronto Accommodation

Business Meetings in Toronto: Food For Thought

Whether you’re holding your business meetings in a restaurant or looking for a place to satisfy your hunger, you are not short of options in Toronto. If you wish to celebrate a new deal and show your new business clients a taste of culture, then you’ll love Byblos. Here you can try the exciting flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine while enjoying a contemporary design and a rich menu. This restaurant offers delectable dinner options with sharing plates that will surely impress your clients.

If you are looking for a more conventional place, then a trip to Aloette on Spadina Av. is a safe choice. Open for lunch and dinner; it offers an eclectic menu of fresh options that will leave you wanting more. The best part is, the environment is vibrant, which allows you to host a successful business meeting in Toronto or to have a happy hour with your colleagues.

Business Meetings In Toronto Finest Foods

Business Meetings in Toronto: Find The Right Meeting Place

Rather than hire out a boardroom for your business meeting in Toronto, why not adopt the new “walk and talk” trend? When time and circumstances allow it, find an activity to do in Toronto and treat your guests to entertainment while you propose your business ideas.

But if a public space is a distraction for you, you’ll be pleased to know that Toronto has a plethora of bookable business meeting rooms throughout the city! Check out this extensive list for a ranked selection of some of the best offerings in the Toronto. 

Business Meetings in Toronto: A Done Deal

If you’re looking to celebrate your victory, then why not head out on the town and explore all the entertainment options the city has to offer? 

If you’re keen to bring out the fun and shake off the corporate mindset, then checking out Second City on Mercer Street in Toronto could be a valid option. Every day and night of the week, some of Canada’s best comedians come out to impress locals and visitors with their comedy sketch.

Bussiness Meeting In Toronto Deal

If comedy isn’t your cup of tea but live performances are, then treat yourself to a live show at Toronto’s Theatre. It offers all manner of performances – from children and family options through to music, opera, country, folk, and plays. The best part is, you no longer have to talk shop. Sit down, enjoy the show, then relish in how successful your day has been.

Even if you’re not familiar with Toronto and all it has to offer, you’re bound to find an eclectic mix of business and pleasure opportunities to make your stay in the area that much more rewarding.

If you’re ready for a successful business meeting in Toronto, then get in touch with one of our Corporate Housing Specialists today and let us help you find the perfect apartment for you in the city!