Things People Love About Corporate Stays: Customer Reviews From Toronto

I was going over some of our customer responses to our team in Toronto and I was so proud of all the positive reviews that I just had to share some of them with you. As I read over the emails it occurred to me that a few themes started coming up over and over. If you would humor me, as the proud boss of a fantastic team, to share some of these responses, I think there really is so much to learn from them.

Personal customer reviews provide such an amazing insight for a company. I’m just incredibly grateful to our awesome customers for taking the time to give us feedback, to let us know that we’re doing a good job, and to let us know what we could do better. Looking over some of the emails, a few themes came up that I believe provide some great insight as to what customers are looking for in a corporate rental.

Location, location, location!

This one might seem obvious, but nevertheless this was one of the big themes that kept coming up, so I have to believe that this is an area where our industry could still stand to improve. Guests of Toronto told us that they appreciated being close to their offices, being central, and having easy access to attractions in the city.

Jian from China wrote :

Thanks a lot for your accommodation, it’s a pleasure to have a living place so conveniently located near my office.

Thanks a lot for your help, we had a wonderful stay at 140 Simcoe street, will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

I don’t need to tell you how happy I am to hear that not only was the customer satisfied, but that they will be telling their friends and colleagues about our services. As word of mouth is so important to marketing in any industry, in the high-competition housing industry I would say that it is even more so.

Location came up a lot in our customer responses. I think that is one area where furnished apartments really have the upper hand on hotels, we are much more flexible on where we are able to choose are housing locations. In Toronto we have a variety of options for our clients, but we do try to be close to the business centre, the financial district, and downtown. I’m happy that our efforts are appreciated.

Feeling Welcome and at Home : The Benefits of Personal Attention

I really loved hearing from guests who decided to extend their stay at least partially because they felt at home in their accommodations, and personally looked after by our customer care team and concierge services.

Rubén from Spain wrote:

I am also very pleased having you as a host. If I am staying so long in Canada is because I really feel at home, and your suite has a lot to do with that feeling. prides itself on excellent customer care. I know that our team really does try to go that extra distance to make sure that our guests feel at home, and hearing back from customers that we’re getting it right is really great. This sort of feedback helps us to keep moving in the right direction.

Customers also loved the personal concierge services that our team offered, mentioning such helpful factors as being provided with maps of the city and recommendations as to where to go and where to eat. Our concierge services are one way that really tries to go above and beyond for our customers.  We know that it can be overwhelming to stay in a different city, or even country for extended periods of time, for business, or for temporary stays, I am happy that by going a small ways towards helping our customers feel at home, we have actually succeeded in extending people’s stays, and in making people feel at ease in the city.

Thanks for Getting it : Understanding the Needs of Our Clients

At Toronto, a majority of our guests are in the city for business stays. In some ways this means that their requirements are different from, say a vacationer or tourist. Understanding the needs of your guests is so key to leaving your customers with a positive experience, that is why I was so happy to read:

I really appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail. Travelling and working in another city/country can be very stressful and you have all helped ease the transition. Your team is extremely friendly and understands the needs of the corporate traveler. Thank you for being a great partner!

– Antonia from the US.

Any company can appreciate the need to adjust to the requirements of their clients. In our case this means everything from providing high-speed Internet connections, to ensuring comfortable workspaces, equipped kitchens, and so much more. It’s all in the details, as Antonia notes.

I hope that we can remain open to the comments, suggestions, and changing needs of all our clients through an open dialogue and an attention to the details. A company is its clients in a lot of ways, and through listening to our customers we can end up working together to create a better experience.

Vladimir de Suarez,
Founder, Fan & CEO

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